Infinite Craft: How to make Mario

Mario in Infite Craft! (Image via
Mario in Infinite Craft! (Image via

If you're playing Infinite Craft to unlock your favorite video game characters — and, frankly, why wouldn't you be? — have we got something for you. Assuming this is one of your favorite video game characters. Even if he's not, he's got to be someone's favorite. Who else keeps buying his games, otherwise?

Anyway, today, we will look at how to make what is arguably the most recognizable game character in the world: Mario!

Let's do a rundown on how to create the legendary plumber and, once you do, some of the other stuff you can unlock afterward. And it won't even take very long. Chances are, you've probably unlocked the items you need already.

Let's get started.

How to make Mario in Infinite Craft

To create the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, you'll need two items: Mushroom (of course) and Tsunami (for some reason). If you've already unlocked these, you're good to go and can move on down. For the rest, let's go over the steps to make those.

Let's start with Mushroom, as that'll take a little more time. Plus, there are no doubt tons of other things to unlock with it, as well. Go wild.

  1. Merge Wind and Fire to make Smoke.
  2. Smoke and Water get you Fog.
  3. Combine Earth and Water to make Plant.
  4. Finally, mix Plant and Fog to get Mushroom.

Now, you just need Tsunami, which is easy to make.

  1. Mix Wind and Water to make Wave.
  2. Now, just mix Wave and Water to get Tsunami.

See? Easy. Now, just combine that with Mushroom, and it's-a him, Mario!

Other recipes that use Mario in Infinite Craft

Here's what you can make with-a Mario! (Image via
Here's what you can make with-a Mario! (Image via

Now that you have the legendary plumber, let's look at what else you can make with him. These are 10 different items we unlocked — see what you can find!

  • Mario combined with...
  • Robot makes C3PO (huh?)
  • Human makes Luigi.
  • Mushroom makes Super Mario.
  • Nintendo makes Wii.
  • Water makes Plumber.
  • Wind makes Flying Mario.
  • Earth makes Yoshi.
  • Paper makes Origami.
  • Jungle makes Donkey Kong.
  • Donkey Kong makes Donkey Kong Country.

And, with those, you're all set to unlock all sorts of Nintendo goodness in Infinite Craft. What are you guys able to create? Share your discoveries in the comments section. Keep coming back to Sportskeeda for more guides to Infinite Craft and other amazing games.

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