Dota 2 News: Invoker Is Out of The ARCANA Vote, Void and Rubick Remains

Rounak "FL45H666" Roy

Every year The International comes with an interactive battle pass. One of the perks of the battle pass is that every battle pass user can vote every week for the Arcana Committee. Every week few heroes eliminate other heroes and go to the 2nd round. Coming to the 2nd last week of the Arcana vote, everyone knew the result. The semifinal was Rubick vs Spectre and on the other side Invoker vs Faceless Void. Everyone knew that the final is going to be between Rubick and Invoker. As last year Rubick was defeated by pudge by a very very slight margin comparing to the huge amount of votes both heroes got. But nothing in the DOTA2 community can be assumed. The community is as unpredictable as the game itself.

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Making it one of the biggest upset of Arcana vote Faceless Void defeated invoker to reach the final and compete against Rubick for the final showdown. Faceless void grabbed his place in the finals with 11.5 million votes while Invoker got 10.4 million.

In the other semifinal, Rubick defeated Spectre single-handedly continuing his unstoppable run from TI7 as he got 16.6 million votes to Spectre’s 11.9 Million.

This means the Final is very unpredictable at the moment because Rubick is unstoppable since last year TI while Faceless Void was nowhere close but now all of a sudden he got a momentum by defeating 2 of the all-time crowd favorite hero, Invoker, and Anti-Mage. Nobody saw this coming. If we go with the hype Rubick is a clear winner here since people are rooting for him for 2 years now while considering the momentum Faceless Void got anything can happen at this point.

The vote will end next week and the final result will be revealed in The International. Honestly, after that close final between Pudge and Rubick last year, fans should not hold back at all this year. Go all in with your hero and bless the community with another Arcana.

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