Is the AEW Fight Forever Elite Edition worth it?

The AEW Fight Forever Elite Edition contains plenty of extra content for players (Image via THQ Nordic)
The AEW Fight Forever Elite Edition contains plenty of extra content for players (Image via THQ Nordic)

AEW Fight Forever will be available in two different editions – Standard and Elite Edition, and it’s set to be the latest entry to the world of wrestling games. Developed by Yuke’s Co. and published by THQ Nordic, the upcoming title will feature most of the superstars who are part of All Elite Wrestling, and it’s set for a June 29 launch. In many ways, it can even be considered a potential competitor for 2K’s WWE 2K23, and THQ Nordic will be following a dual option in terms of how gamers can acquire the game.

Some obvious differences exist between the Standard and Elite Edition of AEW Fight Forever. The latter will come with plenty of additional content THQ Nordic has already confirmed in an official degree. But this edition will also be costlier due to the extra in-game goodies.

AEW Fight Forever Standard vs Elite Edition: which is the best option?


The Standard Edition is pretty basic in terms of what it offers. You will get the base game for $59.99 (same for PC and consoles). This is a great starting point if you have a limited budget and want to enjoy all the game modes.

However, here’s what you miss with the Standard Edition present in the Elite Edition:

  • The AEW: Fight Forever Matt Hardy Pack which features two of the many Matt Hardys: Matt Hardy and Broken Matt Hardy.
  • The AEW: Fight Forever FTR: Revival Pack, which features AEW wrestlers Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler PLUS minigames JoinUs and Deth Race-X.
  • The AEW: Fight Forever Limitless Bunny Bundle, which features AEW wrestlers The Bunny and Keith Lee PLUS minigames MJF Car Thrash and Sloth Sling.
  • The AEW: Fight Forever Hookhausen Very Handsome, Very Evil Pack, which features AEW wrestlers HOOK and Danhausen.

The Elite Edition of AEW Fight Forever will cost $79.99 for PC and consoles (Steam has yet to upload the price for some regions). The standalone price of the Season Pass is yet to be declared by THQ Nordic. However, getting the Season Pass separately will most likely cost you more.


The costlier edition of the game will certainly be worth it if you want to have the most comprehensive AEW Fight Forever experience. It expands the roster massively, including Matt Hardy (normal and broken). There are other popular names like Dax Harwood and Keith Lee. The additional minigames will also provide more hours of content for you when the game releases.