Opinion: Is Cyber Hunt A Better Battle Royale Game than PUBG Mobile?

Cyber Hunter is a Sci-fi based Battle Royale
Cyber Hunter is a Sci-fi based Battle Royale
Wasif Ahmed

Ever since Tencent released PUBG in March of last year, the game absolutely blew up. Millions of downloads and a fully fledged esports scene in less than a year is very impressive, especially for a mobile game.

Now, NetEase Games, the company that brought Rules of Survival is coming up with a little different type of Battle Royale and it seems amazing. Cyber Hunter is a sci-fi game and has a variety of beautiful vehicles and guns which shoot laser to plasma. The terrain and map are also very beautiful.

The game has been soft-launched in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia with a global launch expected in the coming months. A large number of people have already signed up for the pre-registrations. The official Twitter handle of the game @CyberHunter__ posted this on January 18-

So, will this game be able to combat the Battle Royale king on mobile- PUBG Mobile? At this point it seems highly unlikely that any game, no matter how good can get close to the player base that PUBG boasts of. That being said, this game may definitely bring some players from PUBG to itself.

The game is very different to PUBG. It has cartoon-ish graphics, sci-fi elements, and the physics is very different to that which PUBG has. Thus, most PUBG players will not find the game worth playing. But, there will definitely be a small portion of people who after checking this game out will love it more than PUBG. The graphics (though cartoon-ish) are very beautiful, the gameplay is fantastic, there are a variety of cool skins, very different guns which shoot charged laser shots and the vehicles are also really amazing. The mechanics and physics of this game are also very different. You can do front rolls and deploy your glider whenever you are falling from a height.

The game has a variety of awesome vehicles.
The game has a variety of awesome vehicles.

Just like PUBG has a PC version, this game is also developing a PC version. We still don't know if the two versions will be cross-platform or not. Will they develop a separate version exclusively for PC with different servers or just make an emulator for PC like the Tencent Gaming Buddy is a question.

Whether this game enters Esports remains to be seen. We know that NetEase Games will definitely consider it as they did with Rules of Survival which had some big tournaments last year. If the game goes on to have a decent player base, then we can definitely expect a Esports scene of some kind as the game is really fun to watch from a third person view as well. 

Edited by Mayank Vora
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