Is Xbox Live Games with Gold worth it?

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Xbox Live Games with Gold has added up to $700/₹45, 000 worth of games in 2018. A new catalogue of games is added to Microsoft's subscription service every month. If you are keen on playing your games online, you will need the Xbox Live Games with Gold to join multiplayer modes.

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What is more is that the service offers backward compatibility with a vast library of Xbox 360 games. The subscription service costs $60 / ₹4000 for 12 months. You can also get one month for $1 / ₹50 for the holiday season.

Microsoft has added 48 games throughout 2018 in the Games with Gold catalogue. Five more titles are being added in January 2019, including the highly well-received indie title, Celeste. Players will also be eligible for special Xbox game discounts with the membership

This does pale in comparison to what the PS4 has to offer. In 2018, their PlayStation Plus service gave away almost $1500 worth of games. But what PS Plus and Games with Gold have in common is that they generally tend to give away titles older than 2 years. There are some exceptions, but the cost of the subscription is only a small fraction of what Microsoft is giving away.

Popular titles that have been given away for free include Assassin's Creed, Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, Hitman, Battlefield, some Xbox exclusive game titles and a plethora of indie games.

The subscription is for both players who play online competitively as well as patient gamers who never touched a vast catalogue of timeless games but can get new ones for cheaper too. If you feel like you fit into these categories, then the subscription could be worth it. If you are a much more casual and seasonal gamer, you may not find Games with Gold useful.

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