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‘It’s out of my hands’: Dr Disrespect drops major hints about his comeback

Guy Beahm more commonly known as
Guy Beahm more commonly known as 'Dr Disrespect' has been engulfed in controversies since his Twitch ban last month. (Image Credits: Art Station)
Modified 19 Jul 2020, 10:00 IST

On the 16th of July, the infamous Twitch Streamer Dr Disrespect posted a cryptic video, that says it all.

 …without saying anything at all.

Before we delve deeper into the Dr Disrespect fiasco, here’s what the Doc uploaded to his Twitter just yesterday.

While many seemed ecstatic about the doctor’s next move, others couldn’t seem to get over the track he used in his video. The internet did not hold back trying to figure who the song artist was but unfortunately was left with no clue at all.

However, what they did find was the melody used in the track which was titled ‘Strong Ecstacy’. You can also find the Dr Disrespect music video below:

WATCH: Dr Disrespect Music video drops subtle hints about his comeback (that's if you can decipher the lyrics)


Dr Disrespect Rumors, Twitch ban and more.

Ever since Dr Disrespect
Ever since Dr Disrespect's twitch ban, the streamer has been seemingly nonvocal about his plans for the future (Image Credits: Cameroon Magazine)

Guy Beahm, who plays the character of ‘Dr Disrespect’ on stream is reckless, unlike most streamers who try to appeal to a general public. The doctor is candid and palpable about his stance on things for the most part. The sudden ‘dead air’ around the whole Dr Disrespect twitch ban, and lack of acknowledgement from the Doc or the streaming platform has left the internet in a state of frenzy.

Since his ban from the streaming website Twitch, news websites and publications have been trying to zero in on the reason behind his abrupt departure from the platform.

However, the reality of the situation is that, to this date nobody really knows why Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch.

‘Dr Disrespect is speaking up again’ – The Washington Post Interview

Recently, The Post was able to get on a call with Dr Disrespect, which also would mark his first public appearance since the Twitch ban fiasco (Followed by his recent tweet)

And no, post-interview, we still haven't figured why Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch. Both the platform and the doc seem to be tight-lipped about the situation, which with each passing day seems to add more ‘controversial’ fuel to the fire.

During his interview Dr Disrespect seemed to reflect more about his ‘personal developments’, and plans for the future, while being cautious enough to not give in more than he wanted. The unnatural behaviour was something the interviewer quickly noticed, and requested his comment on how it feels to be ‘out of character’ while referring to the quirky and outspoken doc the internet is familiar with.

The doctor responded with a simple “I am just trying to take all the right steps”.

Towards the end of his interview, as reported by The Post, Dr Disrespect did drop subtle hints about a comeback, while stating how his team and himself have been working on a ‘game plan’, which to say the least will be a sensational sight to witness when it comes to play.

Published 17 Jul 2020, 23:47 IST
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