Joe Rogan calls video games ‘a waste of time’ – Here is why he’s right

Joe Rogan has been under fire lately for his comments on video games (Image Credits: NBC News)
Joe Rogan has been under fire lately for his comments on video games (Image Credits: NBC News)

Joe Rogan has been under the spotlight for quite some time now. The entire ordeal began when the American personality voiced his opinion about video games during a podcast.

While discussing the hazards of video game addiction, Rogan pointed out how ‘gaming is a waste of time’ and could end up jeopardizing an individual’s life. The 52-year-old podcaster and UFC commentator went on to explain how he also was a victim of said addiction.

"Video games are a real problem. They are a real problem because they are f***ing fun. You do them, they are exciting, but they don’t get you anywhere."

‘Video games are a waste of time’ – Joe Rogan’s choice of words weren’t exactly the best


Shortly after Rogan’s comments on video game addiction, Dr Lupo, a Fortnite streamer, came forward to express his views on the matter.

DrLupo said:

"Generalized bad take is bad. Anything can be harmful in excess. Video games have made many people successful and they are the cause for a majority of my friendships."

To say that 'gaming in general' is a waste of time is wrong on many levels. Not only are video games responsible for creating career opportunities that once never existed, but their transition online has helped people meet and connect in ways no one could have imagined.

Here is why Joe Rogan's is right

The internet made it evident that it did not support Rogan's comments on video games. Shortly after, a horde of YouTubers and content creators came out with reasons as to why his arguments were not correct.

Many were quick to point out how gaming as an industry has grown over the last few years, while also noting the rise of the professional gaming/esports scene. The majority, however, seem to have missed Rogan's point.

WATCH: Joe Rogan's video games statement and why he makes a good point


YouTuber Richard Masucci proclaims how Rogan’s statement leans towards that group of people who take gaming (or any recreational activity) to an obsessive level, where it could prove to be a danger to the individual’s mental health and end up jeopardizing other aspects of their lives.

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