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Kingdom Hearts 3 rumoured to arrive by the end of the year

Voice Actor Bill Farmer claims that Kingdom of Hearts its on its way and will reach players by the end of this year

News 09 Jan 2015, 01:26 IST
Kingdom Hearts 3 rumoured to arrive by the end of the year
The game might arrive by the end of the year

It has been over a decade since the first time the Kingdom Hearts 3 was mentioned to be under development, fans have been in a state of endless wait ever since many of them have aged out awaiting the game’s release, we hear some morsels of updates on the current state of the game but nothing in particular that directs us towards a solid release date for the game or any other milestones the game has achieved in terms of his development.

Now we hear from Voice Actor Bill Farmer who claims that the game its on its way and will reach players by the end of this year. Bill Farmer has been known as the voice of Goofy since around 1987, so much of this generation has grown up with him as the character for their entire lives. With Goofy being part of the main core of three along with Sora and Donald, one would think Farmer would know what he is talking about.

That’s what makes these comments all the more interesting. Not only does he state that the game is coming later this year, but that he is completely done with voice recording for the game. When asked if he had started anything on Kingdom Hearts 3 yet, he responded on his Twitter by saying:” we have been recording on it for the last few years. It is supposed to come out later this year.”

He went on further to say how he was totally done with Goofy and Pluto and didn’t remember specific lines. He also said he hasn’t seen anything visual yet, but sounds pretty confident in what he’s heard about the release date. “I am certain that this is what I know & have been told.”

Farmer does make sure to say that what he had heard could always change and ended with this tweet on the subject. “Tell you what, I’m as big a fan of KH as U R. I’m as excited about it out as you! As soon as I know & can tell you I will post it here!“

However, this source can be claimed as being a skeptical one since there is a possibility that Farmer may have misinterpreted the word of the producers. Last we heard, the game was set to venture in the world of Marvel and Star Wars(for more details click here).

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