Knowing the teams which have qualified from North America for the Pro League 


Recently PMCO North America finals were completed, 32 teams battled it out to through the group stages into the finals were the top 5 teams made it into the PUBG Mobile Pro League for which the teams were fighting for.

So we are going to see the journey of the top5 teams from the group stages to qualifying for PMPL and what can we expect from them going forwards.

#5. Pittsburgh Knights

  1. PksJagger
  2. PksRaven
  3. Pks47
  4. PksS4M

Pittsburgh Knights had an interesting journey into the top 5. They came 5th in the group stages and topped the semi-final rounds but had a close battle with 3 other teams but somehow managed to qualify 5th and entered the pro league. They managed a top-5 finish in the last game which saw them through. Their playing comprises both aggressive and passive gameplay. They had the most kills in the semi-final round.

#4. Simplicity

  1. SIMDoc
  2. SIMRussell
  3. SIMIrish

Simplicity started with a 7th place finish in the group stages but after that they upped their game and came 2nd in the semi-finals and had fights with The Unnamed and Hqa gaming for the 2nd place in finals too but missed out. Simplicity has a more zone-based gameplay and they go more for placement points and kills in the final circles.

#3 HQA Gaming

  1. HQAxEZ
  2. HQAxAZ
  3. HQAxQiwang
  4. HQAxHeartless

HQA gaming qualified 15th in the group stages and had a hard time in the semis as they qualified 14th but they showed great composure to come back in the finals and secure a place in the pro league. In all the stages they had similar kill and placement points which showed they play it smart.

#2 TheUnnamed

  1. TUxBuckyy
  2. TUXRan
  3. TUxLucass
  4. TUxQ

The Unnamed has been the most consistent team finishing fourth in both group and semi-final stages. They play passive at most times but can also play aggressive when needed and this is why they have been so consistent still now and they will be hoping to continue this form into the pro league too.

#1. Wildcard

  1. WCxSlicky
  2. WCxSpring
  3. WCxAesor
  4. WCxPerkisas

Wildcard was the team to beat in group stages finishing 2nd with 5 chicken dinners. Then finishing 6th in semi-finals but they had kept their best for the finals finishing way above everyone in first place with 3 chicken dinners with a lot of kills in all the games. Wildcard has aggressive gameplay with rushing quickly on their opponents after having decent loot. they will be looking to do the same in PMPL North American region.

These teams will be progressing to the Pro League North America region were they will be facing other teams from the region for a spot in the World League. It is going to be a great contest in the Pro League and we would like to wish them good luck for it.

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Edited by S Chowdhury
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