Kujirai's Temaria game in Genshin Impact: How to locate, unlock, and play the new Hide & Seek minigame

Kid Kujirai and his Temari are part of a fun minigame players can find in Inazuma (Image via FutureVenti)
Kid Kujirai and his Temari are part of a fun minigame players can find in Inazuma (Image via FutureVenti)

Genshin Impact players are able to find tons of hidden secrets and characters in Inazuma, and Kid Kujirai is definitely a fun discovery that they can make. Once they locate this Genshin Impact NPC, players can play Kid Kujirai's Temaria game, where they must locate his hidden Temari before the time runs out.

Players can get some great rewards by completing these challenges, so finding Kid Kujirai is definitely worth it. They can learn how to locate Kid Kujirai and find his Temari here.

Genshin Impact: How to find Kid Kujirai and unlock his Temaria Minigame


Players can find Kid Kujirai's initial location easily, as he will appear alongside the road after they finally are freed from the island of Ritou. Players can simply head down the path and approach him when they see the world quest indicator above his head.

Speaking to Kid Kujirai will prompt him to invite the player to a game of Temaria, where they will need to locate his hidden Temari for some rewards.

Genshin Impact players can locate Kid Kujirai's Temari by following a distance indicator at the top of the screen. It will go down as they approach the Temari, making it a lot easier to find, though sometimes they are well hidden.

Once players find one, they can return to Kujirai who will reward and challenge them to another round.

How to get Kid Kujirai's hidden Achievement:


Players also have the opportunity to find Kujirai in the Serpent's Head, and once they play with him again, they can even receive a hidden achievement. Players will need to take on Kujirai's Temaria challenge four more times in this Electro-filled area, which makes the Hide and Seek challenge more dangerous than ever.

Once they hunt down all of the Temaria, players can receive a Precious Chest and an achievement.

Kujirai will also give Genshin Impact players some interesting backstory, which implies that Alice has traveled through Inazuma before. Kujirai lives out in the wilderness and he uses his Temari as a defense measure, as it turns out that a "nice big sister" gave it to him. The weapon can also function as a bomb.

This reveal will definitely make the Hide and Seek game a bit more interesting.

Genshin Impact 2.0 is full of secrets and puzzles and Kid Kujirai's Temaria is one of the more fun ones to undertake. Players should definitely find Kid Kujirai if they haven't and take him on in Genshin Impact.

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