Riot turns Blitzcrank bug into an actual in-game feature in League of Legends

Blitzcrank now upper-cuts monsters and minions  to the moon in League of Legends (Image via Riot Games)
Blitzcrank now upper-cuts monsters and minions to the moon in League of Legends (Image via Riot Games)

Riot Games has updated their Bewitching skins and boosts for all junglers with League of Legends Patch 12.20.

Due to his poor jungling performance, Blitzcrank, who was modified in Patch 12.19 to be both a top laner and jungler, received further jungle boosts with this latest patch. Aside from jungle improvements, Blitzcrank received one more modification that has no impact on his gameplay.

Blitzcrank E[NEW] Monsters and Minions are now occasionally sent to the moon when overkilled.

League players will now see their favorite Steam Golem perform an eye-catching in-game act 'officially' that was long considered to be a bug by the developers.

Throwing League of Legends monsters and minions to the Moon is no more a bug for Blitzcrank

Blitzkrank upper-cuts a Blue Buff in League (Screengrab via League of Legends)
Blitzkrank upper-cuts a Blue Buff in League (Screengrab via League of Legends)

Since Patch 12.20, if Blitzcrank overkills the jungle monsters with his Power Fist, he may throw them to the moon. To put it another way, as a jungle monster is being killed by Blitzcrank's enhanced auto attack with Power Fist, it will be propelled into the air for a short while.

This feature was never intended to appear on live servers, claims League streamer and content creator Ross "RossBoomsocks" Socks. According to reports, Riot developers were unable to repair the glitch and instead of fervently attempting to do so, they chose to accept it as a normal aspect of Jungle Blitzcrank.


To replicate the new "To the Moon" effect, a player needs to use Blitzcrank in the jungle and conserve its Power Fist for the final strike on the jungle creature. If done correctly, they will almost certainly see the jungle monster fly off Summoner's Rift.

@RiotPhroxzon Now Blitzcrank sends jungle camps to the moon? Weird way to say that now bugs are features.

Riot has confirmed that the same feature will be applicable for League of Legends minions as well.

Blitzcrank's latest off-meta buffs weirdly made him League of Legends’ best support

Blitzcrank happens to be one of Riot's primary objectives in League of Legends' latest update. A series of attack speed buffs and an E damage buff were applied to the Great Steam Golem to hasten his clearing of the jungle and top lane.

It unintentionally had an impact on his support win rate, too, since Blitzcrank quickly rose to the top of the League of Legends meta after patch 12.19.

Full 12.20! Buffs to a few languishing champions and nerfs to Sett mid, Aatrox and Maokai. Aiming for power neutral for Sett top. Making FH more of a damage deviation for fighters, Demonic slightly worse (but still good) as a 1 item splash for tanks (Zac, Amumu,e tc.)

Over 3% higher than it was in the last update, Blitzcrank's win rate is currently 53.11%. Furthermore, he has been banned from more than a quarter of the games and his play rate has risen to above 10%. His statistics make him possibly the best support in the game right now.

The figures will only increase as one moves up the rankings as well. According to LoLalytics, he has a victory rate of about 56% in Diamond+, with a 30% presence.

Blitzcrank is still not remarkable in how he's doing in the jungle. He only has a 45.74% win percentage, which is typical for an off-meta pick. Players are having fun chasing the Steam Golem around the Rift, and it is at least functional compared to previous iterations.

However, it is unclear whether Riot will apply any nerfs to support Blitzcrank in patch 12.20 for League of Legends. While he's on the verge of being a game-breaker, creators still haven't revealed their ideas for the upcoming update.

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