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League of Legends devs might have teased the upcoming Support-Tank champion

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
Modified 22 Nov 2020, 12:44 IST

League of Legends has one more champion in store for fans before rounding out the season in 2020.

The final champion of the year will be a Support-Tank, and Riot Games may have teased his/her arrival in a recent tweet.

In an official tweet put up some hours ago, the League of Legends devs showed a six-second animation of a lance lying on the ground. The tweet read:

“Hurt someone enough, and they just might hurt you back.”

Fans of the MOBA are convinced that this is a teaser for the upcoming champion, supposed to be a tanky-support like Leona. 

In a recent Reddit post, League of Legends players suggested that the teaser is parallel to what Riot has planned with its Champion Roadman blog post, which was revealed earlier in September.

Image via Reddit handle Sideraxe30
Image via Reddit handle Sideraxe30

With “Become a Fan” effectively confirming the release of the latest champion, Seraphine, it’s highly plausible that “WANTED! MUST BE ALIVE FOR REWARD!” does indeed refer to the fallen lance shown in the tweet.

League of Legends’ new champion will be a lance user

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

The League of Legends Champion Roadmap shows the wanted poster representing the silhouette of a figure carrying a lance. The Twitter teaser shows a lance fallen on the ground as well.

When it comes to the initial descriptions for the champion, the roadmap dictates the following:

“Attention! The empire will pay greatly for the capture and detainment of this runaway criminal. The fugitive is EXTREMELY dangerous, so approach with caution. They are heavily armored and will attack if even slightly provoked. Wear light armor, as reports show warbands have been killed with their heavy gear twisted and shattered, littering the ground around them. The criminal’s been known to mount a quick retreat when cornered, so bringing a highly-trained team is recommended. If you somehow manage to detain this criminal, please bring them directly to the closest empire building marked with a black rose.”

It’s safe to decipher that the new support will have a passive that does max HP damage and will be an initiator like Leona and Nautilus.

With League of Legends Season 10 coming to an end, fans will be quite excited to see how the support changes the bot lane meta ahead of 2021.

Published 22 Nov 2020, 12:44 IST
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