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League of Legends: A glance at the final week of LCS

Kuldeep Thapa
86   //    03 Aug 2019, 00:54 IST

Via LOL Esports
Via LOL Esports

The last week of LCS in upon us and there is a lot of action left. Only three teams have qualified for playoffs till now so there are still a lot of teams fighting for the playoff spot. Team Liquid, CLG and Cloud 9 have already qualified and 5 teams are still fighting for the reaming 3 spots.

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Here is a deeper look into the final week of NA LCS:

TSM (9W-7L)

It sounds very questionable, but there is still a slight chance the TSM may not clinch a playoff spot. Now obviously out of all the remaining teams, TSM has the shortest path to the playoff. They need to win just 1 game out of there reaming 2 games, and they are in. Even if they fail to win any game, they will still have a chance in the tiebreaker. They will face FlyQuest and Team Liquid in the final week.

OpTic Gaming (8W-8L)

They have a pretty tough schedule ahead as they face CLG and Cloud 9 in the final week. A 2-0 week see them go through the playoffs but is looking very hard for them. CLG and Cloud 9 have both qualified for playoffs so facing them will not be easy. A 1-1 week might also be enough (at least for the tie-breaker) for them if other teams crumble.

Clutch Gaming (7W-9L)

A surprise entry on the list, Clutch has been overlooked by everyone this entire season. However, they are still in the contention of a playoff spot. They will face 100 Thieves and Golden guardian and a 2-0 week will guarantee them a playoff spot. A 1-1 week might give them a chance in the tiebreaker but a 0-2 week means they will be eliminated.

Golden Guardians (8W-8L)

Another team with that is making a push for a playoff spot. Golden Guardians face Cloud 9 and Clutch Gaming in the final weekend. A 2-0 week will give them a guaranteed playoff spot while a 1-1 week still might be enough.

100 Thieves (7W-9L)

No one expected them to make a playoff run at the start of the season. After a terrible start, the squad has worked their way up. They are now very close to clinch a playoff spot. They will face Clutch Gaming and CLG in the final weekend. They need to win both of their games for a sure spot in the playoffs.