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League of Legends: G2 triumph Origen in Week 2 of LEC

Modified 03 Feb 2020, 15:12 IST

Pic Credits: Riot Games
Pic Credits: Riot Games

With week 2 of the League of Legends European Championships coming to an end, we see a clear top 4. G2 is still undefeated and 2nd place being contested by Fnatic, Origen, and Rogue. The new champions still shaping the meta while we see support in the top-lane.

Can G2 go 18-0?

Caps moving to ADC does not seem to have any effect on the team's winning ways as G2 end week 2 with a 4 - 0 record. This week we saw Wunder bring to us Top-lane Soraka, a pick which might seem troll at first but in-game it seemed to carry his team with the heal and utility he provided going 0/3/15 in the 2 matches.

The game against Vitality was a whitewash with G2 only having 1 death and Perkz going 7/0/7 with a 50 cs lead at the 10-minute mark. Origen was a tougher customer with their drafts being very instrumental in their previous wins. But Perkz and Caps carried the team with some strong support from the others.

Though Origen was touted as the second-best team by most analysts G2 members seemed to think that Fnatic was a more challenging team than Origen, hyping the match coming next week between Fnatic and G2.

Fnatic continue to dominate early

Rekkless and Nemesis showing up in week 2
Rekkless and Nemesis showing up in week 2

The addition of Selfmade to the roster of Fnatic seems to have made them a beast of a different kind all together. After a "Draft" loss to Origen in Week 1 of the LEC they seem to have shifted gears going 3-0 and dominating early game like no other team. With game times sub 25 minute mark in week 1 , Week 2 was a more controlled aggression from Fnatic taking advantage of their opponents mistakes and snowballing the game from there.

SO4's Forg1ven was not allowed to play league of legends in Day 1 of the week with repeated ganks from Selfmade exploiting his disrespect of the jungler being bottom side of the map. Bwipo showed us just how OP Sett can be with 1v2 ouplays and some very clutch Haymakers. The game against Selfmade's previous team SK Gaming was also a very onesided afair even after some fumbles in the early game. Nemesis showed up huge on the Ornn mid pick having some insane knock-ups to secure the win for the team.

Misfits back in form

Misfits back in form in Week 2 of LEC
Misfits back in form in Week 2 of LEC

After probably the worst Week 1 performance, with many analysts writing them off as the worst performing team this split Misfits Gaming came into Week 2 with vengeance. Going 2-0 this week with some emphatic wins against SK Gaming and Excel. Much of the wins was attributed to their drafts and playmaking around teamfights. Febiven deserves a special mention as the player who was not historically known as an assasin mid came up huge on the Qiyana vs SK and Le blanc against Excel.

Week 3 brings some spicy matchups

Schalke vs Misfits : One team is looking for their form and the other seems to just havefound it , Who will win?

Fnatic vs G2 : The top 2 teams of the LEC duke it out in the match of the week.

G2 vs Rogue : G2 will have a tight schedule going up against Rogue on day 1 and FNC on day 2.

Published 03 Feb 2020, 15:12 IST
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