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League of Legends: LoL Game Modes

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League of Legends has three permanent maps which are Summoner's Rift, Howling Abyss, and The Twisted Treeline. All three modes have a different flavor and are gives a different experience when played. According to Riot "League of Legends offers a number of different maps for you to conquer. These battlegrounds, or "Fields of Justice," each feature different terrain, objectives and victory conditions, as well as varied summoner spells and items."

Summoner's Rift

property of LeagueofLegends/RiotGames
Property of LeagueofLegends/RiotGames

Summoner Rift is the most played mode out of all. It consists of a battleground divided into two identical halves. There are three lanes present called Top lane, Middle lane and Bottom lane. These lanes are connected by each by Jungle. The Jungle consists of Neutral Monsters which can be slain to get temporary or permanent buffs. There are three turrets in each lane on either side. The Nexus is the heart of the game and is present on either side and the team which succeeds in destroying other team's nexus first marches towards victory.

Dragon: It's a mythical creature that spawns in the bottom side River. There are a total of 5 dragons in the game. Slaying each one Grants a permanent buff with the exception of Elder Drake which grants a temporary buff.

The drake are as follows:

Infernal Drake: Gain bonus ability power and attack Damage.

Mountain Drake: Gain bonus damage to structures and jungle monsters.

Cloud Drake: Gain bonus movement speed.

Ocean Drake: Gain bonus regeneration.


Elder Drake: Increases the buff of normal drakes by 50% and gives bonus true damage depending upon the number of base dragons slain(temporary).

Baron Nashor: It's a large monster on a lair residing up on the top side river. Slaying Baron Nashor is pretty hard but if it is slain it grants huge buffs. It gives bonus AD and AP which lasts up to three minutes.

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