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League of Legends - LEC Spring Split Team Power Rankings

Modified 16 Jan 2020, 15:36 IST

LEC is back on 25th
LEC is back on 25th

With preseason coming to an end and all teams announcing their roster for Spring Split 2020, it’s time to look at the Preseason Power Rankings. As is always the case, the new season means new Rookies, and this year is no different with 11 new rookie players joining the league. It might be intriguing to people how Europe keeps on churning out these new players every split, but it’s possible because of the amazingly well developed and structured regional leagues which allow the players to show their mettle in smaller leagues before joining LEC on the mainstage.

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10. Misfits Gaming

With the disappointing end to 2019, Misfits have now embraced the rookie culture. Only time will tell, how well the team will perform on the mainstage of LEC. With Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider joining as the strategic coach and Jandro around, they have high hopes for these Rookies for the years to come.

9. SK Gaming

SK Gaming’s entire 2019 success was being attributed to then Junger Selfmade, and now that he has moved to Fnatic, they seem to have lost their main carry. While most other teams have made power moves and have added or kept their main carries in the team, SK Gaming has only added Trick and Limit to the main roster.

8. FC Schalke 04

Forgiven returns to main stage after a 2 year hiatus
Forgiven returns to main stage after a 2 year hiatus

With one of the best bot-lane of 2019 with Upset and Ignar leaving and FORG1VEN coming back to the LEC after nearly 4 years with the addition of Dreams in the support position only time will tell if this bot-lane would be as effective as one before. But having added 2 Gods to their side with Godgiven and GodGilius the roster seems to have a playstyle that is set and all about the laning phase. A lot will reply to Abbedage and Odoamne to add stability to this team.

7. Excel Esports

Excel Roster for 2020 Spring Split
Excel Roster for 2020 Spring Split

This England-based Esports team has been nothing but a bottom feeder with some sparks of brilliance from time to time, and when a team is not able to perform with talent at its disposal, it’s time to change the core and that's what Excel Esports exactly did. With Joey “Youngbuck” joining the team this split along with Tore and Patrick, its exciting time for Excel Esports. Mickey is the only red flag with his inconsistency, but we fully expect the team to grow into a possible playoff team during the course of the split.

6. MAD Lions

Mad Lions have replaced Splyce in the LEC, and the organization has filed a rookie team that is more targeted towards the long run. It won't be surprising if Mad Lions catches a few teams off-guard during the course of the split. Mad Lion has retained the original Splyce's coaching staff, with the only difference being Max, who is the head coach.

5. Vitality

Vitality has added a lot of firepower as a result of their underwhelming 2019. Milica, Skeanz, and Comp have joined Cabochard and Jactroll, completing Vitality's squad for 2020. Their 5th spot is mostly based on the hype Milica brings to the LEC. His development and growth are essential for the team's spot in the playoffs. With YamatoCannon leaving the team, Duke has joined as the new Head coach. Comp has been touted as one of the best players to come out of Greece, and it would be interesting to track his progression throughout the season.

4. Origen

According to many analysts, Origen has won the off-season and with the acquisition of Xerxe, Upset and Destiny the team definitely looks strong. Xerxe is a veteran of the scene and brings a lot of experience to the table. is On paper the addition of the first-ever OPL player, Destiny, makes the team very strong and maybe even a contender for the top 3 spots this split.

3. Rogue

Rallying on the back of some amazing performances from Finn and Inspired, Rogue was pretty close to qualifying for Worlds last season. After a terrible split with Misfits last year, Han Sama has joined Rogue in search of a fresh start. This team has a high ceiling and a lot of room to grow. They have the potential to dominate the entire league, and with the right guidance, can challenge teams like Fnatic and G2 Esports. With high expectations from Rogue, the fight for the 3rd spot with Origen will be as spicy as ever!

2. Fnatic

Fnatic roster 2020 (Credits: @lolesports)
Fnatic roster 2020 (Credits: @lolesports)

Fnatic had moderate success last year, where the team reached the Summer split finals but could not win it. However, their star mid laner, Nemesis has developed a lot in the past year and will now lead the team’s charge in LEC. Bwipo is a strong duelist who could cement himself as the best top laner in the LEC this split. But the main question arises from Selfmade on how he fits in and what kind of playstyle he shows. His relationship with Nemesis is no mystery, and his aggressive playstyle will suit Bwipo. Mithy has joined the team as its new head coach along with Locoex and Veiger V2, who would be in the supporting staff. Overall, we expect a lot of great things from Fnatic this year.year.

1. G2 Esports

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, is the motto G2 Esports is following for the upcoming season. However, the European champions have made one huge change by switching the roles of Caps and Perkz. Caps will be the starting AD Carry for G2 Esports, while Perkz will return to the mid lane. As crazy as it sounds, G2 Esports is the only team that can pull off this move and be successful with it.

This upcoming season of LEC will be very exciting and with a lot of teams making power moves in theo off season, it would be interesting to see who takes the ultimate crown.

Broadcast of LEC Spring Split 2020 starts on 25th January 2020 on Twitch, Youtube and

Published 16 Jan 2020, 15:35 IST
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