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League of Legends: New Akali changes in 10.3 is set to change her completely

Modified 24 Jan 2020, 15:12 IST
Akali sees more nerfs and changes to her kit.

Some of the details for the League of Legends patch 10.3 is out, and Akali mains are not going to be happy about them at all. 

The champion is getting reworked again, and Riot will be looking to nerf her lane dominance to the ground by re-working some parts of her kit.

We all remember how Akali got a game-changing rework in 2018. She has been a powerhouse ever since, along with being an absolute balancing nightmare for the dev. team, because they could never seem to fix her right. 

She has an incredibly high skill cap, and in the right hands, she could devastate any team composition. In recent months, her winrate sat quite close to 45.3% in all ranks with a peak at 51.8% in Master rank and higher.

What changes hit her kit in 10.3?

After trying to balance for almost two seasons now, Riot soon realized that just making changes to her damage potential won’t cut it. She needs some minor tweaks in her overall kit.

So, when talking about the latest changes made to her, Lead Gameplay Designer Mark Yetter, Tweeted that, “Rather than straight damage nerfs, we want to reduce the amount and reliability of her escapes.”

Yetter's Tweet.

The changes that Yetter talks about will have a significant impact on how Akali will be played in the future. 

Her balance changes
Her balance changes

Her ‘W,’ Twilight Shroud, has been a nuisance ever since it was worked into her kit. It made tower diving with her incredibly easy to execute; it had a low-risk high reward clause that even Iron rank players were capable of abusing.

The new shroud changes make the ability even less effective; it states that “if Akali is immobilized while in her shroud, she is revealed for the duration of the immobilizing effect.”

In League, immobilizing effects include stuns, snares and suppressions, but not slows. So, now Akali needs to be ever so careful of her dodging while in the shroud, and avoid getting hit by a random CC ability, as she will no longer be able to wait it out in darkness.


Additionally, her ult is being changed as well, which a very well known streamer cum Akali main called Professor Akali, absolutely hates. The first cast of her ultimate is going to be easier to hit now as it’s going to be a point and click dash instead of the former free dash. The second part of her ultimate, on top of that, is getting a speed nerf, which is dropping from 3000 to 1900.

No more an escape artist

She will not be as dominating as she used to be.
She will not be as dominating as she used to be.

With the mini re-work, Akali’s escape and engage potential have been vastly diminished. And it’s definitely going to affect her tier ranking in both pro play and solo queue. She will not see as much relevance in the future patches as she used to before.



Published 24 Jan 2020, 15:12 IST
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