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League of Legends: Riot Unveils New Skins For Irelia & Talon

Kuldeep Thapa
934   //    12 Aug 2018, 02:10 IST

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Riot has teased two new skins for the fans out there. Divine sword Irelia and Enduring Talon are the latest champions to get a new skin. A short video was teased on the official Brazilian Facebook page followed by other pages.

The skin follows traditional Immortal series. The last line of Immortal series was launched back in September of 2017. This will be the sixth skin for both Talon and Irelia. Talon and Irelia will follow the path of Master Yi, Janna, and Fiora who received their skin last year. The skin has a divine Asian theme giving a hint of old Chinese civilization.

Irelia last received a new skin back in 2015 so she got a much a needed fresh skin while Talon received a new skin in early 2017 in the blood moon event.

The skins look mesmerizing and worth the money. The price of the skins has not been revealed yet but it's likely to follow the old skins line. The price of old immortal series skins were 1350rp per skin. The skins come with new Animations and sound effects which are very unique and quite fun to watch.

The skin splash art looks fantastic with both the champions looking equally good. The skins are expected to hit PBE servers in patch 8.16 while it may come out in live servers in patch 8.17.

Currently, on live servers, the Pool party event is going on which marks the release of pool party skins. The new skins released are Pool party Gangplank, Pool party Caitlyn and Pool party Zoe. These skins cost 1350 rp each. Summoners can also complete different missions to unlock different rewards such as Hextech Chest, Mystery champion shard, and blue essence. Next patch is supposed to come with five new skins Cosmic Ashe, Cosmic Lulu, Cosmic Xinzhao, Mafia Braum and Mecha Aurelian Sol (1350 rp each).

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