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League of Legends: Star Guardian video explained

162   //    12 Sep 2019, 20:45 IST

via RiotGames
via RiotGames

Riot has released the teaser for the Star Guardian skins coming to League of Legends and honestly, it's breathtaking. It's no less than a movie and there are a ton of clues you might have missed.

Here is a deeper look into the Star Guardian story and its latest trailer.

What has been the story so far?

Star Guardians is a group of champions who represent light and good force in general. We know that Ahri currently leads a team comprising of Miss Fortune, Ezreal, Soraka, and Syndra. The last trailer that was released back in 2017 revealed how the fate of Guardians is already decided and why Ahri wants to change this. She can be seen holding three gems which are Blue, Green and Yellow.

The latest trailer revelation

New Horizon video tells the story of how Ahri lost 3 fellow star guardians who are later revealed as Neeko, Rakan, and Xayah. Ahri with her only other surviving teammate Miss Fortune forges a new team which includes Ezreal, Syndra, and Soraka. Now if you listen to the interaction of Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan, they say that Ahri has failed them which caused their demise. Neeko is trying to fight back and not get caught or killed because she will end up getting corrupted herself if this does happen.

Few things to note are that Rakan hasn't completely lost his light as you can see he tries to heal Xayah with his light. Zoe wants to destroy Valoran, and she needs more powerful foes to achieve this.

Star Guardian Neeko and Zoe will cost 1350RP(NA) each while Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan will cost 1820RP(NA) each. There is also a Prestige version of Star Guardian Neeko available which should be obtainable through prestige points. However, there is no specific event or game mode for the Star Guardians this time around.

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