League of Legends: The best Jungle routes for season 10

Abhishek Mallick

With massive changes to the elemental drakes, terrain and early camp experience, the Jungling role has become a pivotal one in League of Legends.

Good roam timings, ganks, and drake control decide the outcome of the game now. So it's important for all junglers to not just understand the game macro but have a complete grasp of early game pathing as well.

So if you're stuck trying to figure out the best possible ways to dominate the early game through the jungle, then we have the perfect guide for you to use and abuse.

Changes to keep in mind

Before we get into the different jungle pathings, let's first look at the new camp changes and how they affect junglers throughout each stage of the game.

Change 1: Small jungle camps now respawn 30 seconds earlier. What was previously 2 minutes and 30 seconds is now just 2 minutes, opening up a lot of versatile jungling options.

Change 2: Riot has nerfed the amount of gold and experience that Kruggs give while buffing the gold and experience that Grom gives.

In the last season, junglers could hit level 3 by clearing 3 camps on the red side but had to do 4 camps if starting blue to get the same level of XP. Now with equal XP distribution, a 3 camp, level 3 start can be achieved when starting on either buff.

Jungling Routes to Abuse in Season 10

Routes When Starting at your Blue.

A. Standard Pathing.

The standard route when starting blue would be to go from Blue Buff to Gromp, to Wolves, to Red, and then looking for a gank on the side lanes before the nearby scuttle spawns.

As Gromp provides more experience now, it's important to do it right after Blue.

The reason for going wolves after Gromp is because of the low respawn timings. When we come back to do Gromp after 2 minutes, you can quickly clear out wolves as well, and get a significant boost in XP.

After wolves, we go straight to the Red Buff, doing which puts us at double buffs while still level 3, and then we can look to gank. Red buff is incredibly valuable when ganking the side lanes as it applies slow and a burn effect on auto-attacks.

After the gank, when we get lane priority, we get the scuttle, as the jungle changes have affected the experience and gold gain of small camps and not of the scuttle, making them even more valuable.

B. Alternate Pathing 1

The first alternate pathing we will look into is going for the Gromp after Blue, but skipping Wolf Camp and pathing straight to Red.

The jungle changes allow one to be highly flexible with their route. And this specific one comes in handy if we are starting on the same side as that of the opposing jungler, but want to get a gank off before.

The Gromp experience makes it possible to hit level 3, even without taking wolves and going straight for Red.

C. Alternate Pathing 2

This pathing is going to be great for early game junglers like Rek' sai and Elise. In this route, we go for the same standard Blue Side pathing but look to gank the Mid lane before going for our Red.

This creates a lot of jungle pressure, and there are high chances that the opponent mid laner will not be expecting a gank and blow flash or give away first blood as a result.

Routes when starting at your Red

A. Standard Pathing

The standard Red buff start is going to be Red, then Krugs, Raptors, and finally Blue into the nearby scuttle and a gank.

This is a fairly standard route, and quite similar to that of the blue camp start.

B. Alternate Pathing 1

This is a more aggressive route option, which doesn't complement early game junglers alone, but power farmers like Olaf, Master Yi, and Karthus as well.

Here we gank the mid lane instead of directly going for the Blue after Raptors.

Unlike in the similar blue buff start, which prefers early game junglers more, this route can help out other junglers as well because of the red buff's auto attack slow and burn damage.

C. Alternate Route 2

This will be the counter jungling route, which will help us to invade the opponent's jungle if we spot them on the other side of the map after the 3 camp clear.

This horizontally splits the map into two halves, and we will have an easier time ganking the adjacent side lane or even the mid lane from a different angle.

D. Alternate Route 3.

The last flexible rout from a Red Buff start is all about ganking the opposite side lane from where you start as quickly as possible.

We do, Red buff, then directly path and do our Blue, then Gromp, where we hit level three and then finally gank the adjacent side lane.

This will help us reach the opposite lane as soon as possible while still having double buffs.

The Season 10 meta is a Jungle Meta

With so much reliance on objectives to win games, it's not all that surprising why the jungling role has become so important. But with the right understanding of the game macro and pathing, anyone can smash solo queue and climb the ranks.

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