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Left 4 Dead News: Turtle Rock Studios making "Spiritual Successor" to L4D series

Greg Bush
15 Mar 2019, 07:08 IST

The innovators of the zombie shooter are back
The innovators of the zombie shooter are back

In the world of online co-op shooters, Left 4 Dead has always been one of the go-to series for players looking to kill a few hours with their friends. The creators of the original game, Turtle Rock Studios, worked together with Valve to release it a decade ago, back in 2008, and a year later had already sold two million copies.

Aside from the Left 4 Dead series, Turtle Rock was a major part in the Counter-Strike series, and after separating from Valve in 2011, brought players a unique experience in the monster-hunting co-op title Evolve.

Now, the studio is looking to dive back into the style of Left 4 Dead with their new title Back 4 Blood. On their forums, Turtle Rock stated that the game will be designed from the ground up as an original game and will combine the best of the co-op zombie shooter genre with new features and "state of the art technology."

Chris Ashton, co-founder of Turtle Rock and the studio's Design Director said:

We get to return to a genre that was born in our studio with over ten years of additional experience and zombie ideas racked up in our brains.

For those who are hoping for something like a Left 4 Dead 3, however, this may disappoint you, as Turtle Rock has stated that this is a completely new universe, though the core gameplay is the same. Shoot and kill hordes of zombies and try to survive.

Back 4 Blood is currently confirmed for release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and could be added to other platforms soon. They'll focus on PvP content as well as the traditional 4-players vs the world gameplay that they're known for. In a FAQ on their forums, they tackled several questions, and also took a jab at a certain trope in multiplayer gaming right now.

  • Is this game going to be a Battle Royale game? No.

They also stated that they're not really focused on anything in regards to microtransactions or post-launch paid content, but when they do look into DLC, they're wanting to do something that would excite the community.

There's no official release date for Back 4 Blood yet, but Turtle Rock Studios said that they'll make the announcement soon on their official site.

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