YouTuber MrBeast apparently wants to run for President; takes Twitter by storm

Image Credits: Essentially Sports
Image Credits: Essentially Sports
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Jimmy Donaldson, better known by his online alias MrBeast, is an American YouTuber and philanthropist best known for his expensive stunts. He is often credited for pioneering a specific genre of YouTube content that revolves around expensive stunts.

Moreover, Jimmy is also the co-creator of Team Trees - a fundraiser for Arbour day foundation that raised over $22 million. The foundation had pledged to plant a tree for every dollar that they received in donations. The campaign went on to be a huge success, and attracted donations from personalities like Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey, among a range of other YouTubers.

The YouTuber currently has over 44 million subscribers on the platform. Owing to his popularity, MrBeast recently posted on Twitter suggesting that he would considering running for the American presidency.

Image Credits: The Verge
Image Credits: The Verge

Legendary YouTuber MrBeast is planning to run for President

Following the Presidential debate on 29th September, Twitter has seen a huge amount of discourse on politics. MrBeast‘s Twitter bio states that he ‘wants to make this world a better place before he dies’. Needless to say, becoming the American president would be a good start to that mission.

The YouTuber is known worldwide for his acts of philanthropy and kindness, but has never shown any political leanings in the past. However, on the 30th of September he posted the following tweet.

As you can see, the YouTuber is not happy at how ‘divided’ America seems to be, and is considering running for presidency at some point in the future. However, he thinks that he isn’t ready yet, and cites his quirky user name as evidence of that fact.

Further, he appeared to have a rather Socialist outlook towards politics, and suggested that the government should simply give $1,000,000 to everyone.

Of course, as MrBeast confirmed, such a political campaign is still a long time away. He admitted that he is currently incapable of running for the elections. Regardless, quite a few of his fans thought that he would turn out to be a decent politician.

Image Credits: MrBeast, Twitter
Image Credits: MrBeast, Twitter

It might be a long way away, but even Donald Trump was an improbable Presidential candidate when he started out!

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