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Legends of Runeterra: Full Patch 0.9.0 Notes and Updates

Legends of Runeterra recieves its first major patch update
Legends of Runeterra recieves its first major patch update
Modified 18 Feb 2020

Patch 0.9.0 is the first major update that the League of Legends based CCG Legends of Runeterra is going to receive.

It’s quite a big patch with a lot of balance changes that target Champions, Followers and even Spells, along with hotfixes, bug fixes, CGi and Experience gained per match.

If you want a detailed look at each of the upcoming changes and why they were made, here is a link to the official LoR 0.9.0 Patch notes. But for the gist, below is a rundown:




Level one

  • Power: Three four
  • Health: Four five

Level two

  • Power: Four five
  • Health: Five six



Level two

  • Level up: You Stun or Recall 6+ units You Stun or Recall 5+ units

Followers and spells

Back to Back

  • Cost: Five six

Crimson Curator

  • Cost: Two three


  • Cost: Three four

Inspiring Mentor

Inspiring Mentor
  • Health: One two
  • Old text: Play: Grant an ally in hand + 1|1
  • New text: Play: Grant an ally in hand + 1|0

Jewelled Protector

  • Power: Three four
  • Health: Three four

Kinkou Lifeblade

  • Health: Three two

Commander Ledros

Commander Ledros
  • Cost: Eight nine
  • Power: Eight nine

Blade of Ledros

  • Cost: Seven eight

Rhasa, the Sunderer

  • Cost: Seven eight


  • Keywords: None [Fearsome]

Tortured Prodigy

  • Power: Three four


  • Keywords: [Fearsome] None


  • Fearsome and Control are on the LoR developers’ watchlist as potential problems. No changes were made during the open beta update. 


  • Units with effects that allow opponent reactions now have a “Skills” icon next to “Play” or “Attack” in the card text.
  • Hovering on the icon will bring out a tool-tip explaining that the Skill allows opponent reactions before resolving.
  • Units with effects that do not allow opponent reactions will not have this icon.
  • Created cards now have a tool-tip that tells both players what created them.

Expeditions Archetypes

Demacian Steel

  • Added: Chain Vest

Battle Scars

  • Added: Might, Alpha Wildclaw
  • Removed: Blood for Blood, Bull Elnuk

Suit up

  • Added: Bull Elnuk
  • Removed: Alpha Wildclaw

Shroom and Boom

  • Added: Assembly Bot, Statikk Shock, Plaza Guardian
  • Removed: Academy Prodigy, Chempunk Shredder, Get Excited!
  • Shopkeeper trade logic improved.

XP and Expeditions rewards

  • End-of-trial XP reduced:
  • Zero wins: 100 → 50
  • One win: 300 → 150
  • Two wins: 500 → 250
  • Three wins: 700 → 400
  • Four wins: 900 → 600
  • Five wins: 1,200 → 800
  • Six wins: 1,500 → 1,000
  • Seven wins: 2,000 → 1,500
  • Reduced XP adjustments for daily PVP wins - players will now receive more XP at high numbers of PVP wins in one day, and will always receive at least 100 XP for constructed PVP wins.
  • Base PVP win XP: 200 in Normal / Ranked, 100 in Expeditions (no change)
  • One to 10 wins: full XP (no change)
  • 11 to 15 wins: -50 XP → full XP
  • 16 to 20 wins: -100 XP (no change)
  • 21 to 30 wins: -150 XP → -100 XP
  • 31+ wins: -200 XP → -100 XP
  • Friend Challenge wins now grant 100 XP for the first five wins, and zero XP for 6+.
  • Friend Challenges losses/ties now grant 0 XP.
  • Friend Challenge matches no longer count towards daily PVP wins/losses or first wins of the day bonuses. They still count for quest progress.
  • Six-win Expeditions reward now 1,500 shards (was 1,000), as well as a random champion card and golden chest (unchanged).
  • Seven-win Expeditions reward now 3,000 shards (was 3,500), as well as a champion capsule (unchanged).

PC FPS options

  • On PC-only, Riot has added an FPS option in the settings menu. The drop-down has three settings: 30/60, 60, 60+


Deckbuilder improvements

  • Mana curve now indicates number of cards at each cost.
  • Bugfix for “MAX” card count text not showing up.
  • Deck import & export now copies from/to device clipboard.
  • Minor visual polish and readability improvements.

Board visuals

  • Corrected a repeated grass texture on Summoner’s Rift board.
  • Cleaned up and reduced intensity of lens flare effect on Demacia board.
  • Corrected occasional lighting issues when resolving certain spells on faction boards.
  • Players on old client versions will now see a message asking them to restart the client and update, and will be unable to queue until doing so.
  • Master tier rankings now more fluid based on how master players are performing against each other (previously released hotfix).
  • Claimable rewards on region roads now more strongly highlighted.
  • Patch sizes generally decreased.
  • Friend Challenge stability improvements.
  • Store now marked with a badge when new content is available.
  • League of Legends gift cards are now redeemable in LoR.
  • In-client messaging for maintenance updated for clarity.

Bug fixes

  • Players should no longer get stuck on the loading screen when signing out of League of Legends while signed into LoR.
  • Players logging into LoR from different devices should encounter fewer crashes.
  • Fixed issues with region quests not progressing as expected.
  • Fixed rare issues with players not receiving XP after games.
  • MASSIVE nerf to high APMers: Players can no longer discard the same card to multiple Spinning Axes by quickly chaining them (previously released hotfix).
  • Anivia’s summoned from deck will now correctly level up if her condition has been met.
  • Players should no longer get stuck on “Connecting” if their opponent disconnects while loading.
Published 18 Feb 2020, 19:37 IST
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