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Lenovo India Gaming Week 2015 - India's largest gaming event launched

Press release of the launch of the Lenovo India Gaming Week

News 10 Aug 2015, 19:05 IST
At the launch of 
Lenovo India Gaming Week 2015

August 6, 2015, Mumbai

The Lenovo India Gaming Week was launched today in Mumbai with a bumper prize pool of over one million rupees. Over 35 top gamers competed in the launch matches of hugely popular esports games – DOTA2, League of Legends, CounterStrike: GO and FIFA15.

For the first time in the country, over 10,000 gamers from around the country will participate for free in 14 different games across three different gaming platforms – PC, console and mobile. The online competition will begin from this Independence Day, and will culminate in the in-venue event week from 9th to 20th September 2015.

The Lenovo India Gaming Week 2015 is an event with components of online tournaments, in-venue championships, industry awards, educative game development workshops, a 96-hour game jam for IIT Bombay students and an exposition. The express mission of this platform is to educate the public about e-Sports and award the performance of e-Sport athletes and industry mavericks. Your favourite mobile games will see competition as fierce as the ones on the popular MOBA (multi-player online battle arena) games like DOTA2.

Mr. Hiral Somaiya, National Product Manager – Consumer Notebooks, Lenovo India said, “Social gaming has become a very popular entertainment alternative where people can connect and play with their peers in real time. The gaming experience has also become more immersive and detailed. However, laptops and desktops have struggled to keep pace with the new breed of gamers who have had to compromise on the overall gaming experience.

“But not any more, as Lenovo has developed high-performance machines that can handle the pressure of an online game. Gaming is one of the most stringent performance indicators in a PC, or even a mobile or tablet, as an optimal gaming experience can only come from a powerful machine. Our dedicated portfolio of gaming machines – the Y series – offer futuristic design, premium build quality and powerful hardware, so gamers can now play better without worrying about their machine’s performance.”

“To change the perception towards gaming and e-Sports it is essential to change mindsets. A decade ago there were no million dollar tournaments. Five years back no multi-million dollar tournaments. How the groundswell has picked up! In a few years from now e-Sports will be viewed as a viable career option. Not just as an athlete but the entire gamut of the industry – Team Managers, Training facilities, e-Sports academies. The Lenovo India Gaming Week is one step in that direction and I am proud to say that 22-year-old Akshat Vyas defines these new leaders as one of the youngest tournament directors of such an amazing platform,” added Shail Kapri, Founder of EsportsIN, the parent movement behind the India Gaming Week.

“To bring these passionate clans together and keeping them connected, engaged and involved digitally – in real time – Experience Commerce will launch a social campaign #playbetter, for Lenovo India. Gamers can actively experience the Lenovo India Gaming Week 2015 by following the event through the competition. They can witness the action through live coverage on digital with live tweets and Periscope videos, and also interact with their gaming stars who will share secret tips of the game. In a true sense of community, Lenovo India endeavours to bring together Indian gamers through this on-ground event, and through the digital campaign for those who cannot attend, to connect from wherever they are across the country,” says Sandip Maiti, CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Experience Commerce, speaking on behalf of Lenovo India.

E-Sports is on its way to becoming the most played sport in the world by sheer strength of numbers. If sport is the relentless pursuit of excellence, shored up with tenacity and sense of purpose, driven by the desire to be the best, then e-Sports encompasses it all and adds on hours and hours of practice, dedication, focus and sacrifice. It is the consummate pairing of competition and technology for striving higher, faster and sharper.

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