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Lionbite Games announces new game, 'Rain Of Reflection'

A new independent studio from Sweden, Lionbite Games is currently developing its first game

News 24 Jan 2015, 03:00 IST
Rain of Reflection is an upcoming RPG game from Lionbite Studios

A new independent studio from Sweden, Lionbite Games, are currently developing their first game, “Rain of Reflection”, and has released a new trailer for this upcoming game. The game has been described as a "noiresque" cyberpunk RPG genre. The game follows the lives of three characters, two female and one male who are living in a dystopian city. 

The games plot has not been revealed much yet, but Lionbite says that the players will get to experience all the city’s "layers and social classes" as they make their way through a choice-driven story which sounds pretty interesting.

The Studio has also announced that the game aims to break RPG conventions by abandoning the grinding, repetitive battle, and other common attributes and said in its announcement that,

“Ambience and mood is an important part of the experience. The player is encouraged to explore the detailed environments in which the adventure is set, learning about the world and its characters (no scattered audio logs or trails of notes – guaranteed!)."

The game Rain of Reflection is set to release in the year 2016 for PC with additional platforms being considered for later. Below is the trailer of the game:

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