List of guest account restrictions in PUBG Mobile

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Battle Royale titles have risen to fame on the mobile platform. Games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire have become quite popular amongst the community and have amassed massive playerbases.

A few weeks ago, the 1.1 update hit the servers of PUBG Mobile, and the much-awaited Metro Royale mode was added into the game. Apart from it, several other changes were also made, such as the restrictions on guest accounts.

In this article, we list out all the guest account restrictions.

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Guest account restrictions in PUBG Mobile

Apart from guest accounts, users receive various other options to create an account in PUBG Mobile like Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter. According to "," the following are the guest account restrictions:

#1 Tier Restrictions: Users with a guest account will only be able to reach a maximum tier of Gold V, and the RP will remain unchanged. Upon linking the account, it’ll show the tier that the players originally hold.

#2 Team Restrictions: Apart from the Tier Restrictions, players with guest accounts will not be able to join a team/other lobbies. They also won't be able to play the Duo/Squad game modes and can only select Solo.

#3 Spectate Restriction: They would also have a Spectate Restriction and would not be able to spectate any other players. Moreover, other users won't be able to spectate them either.

#4 Online chat restriction: According to the "Helpshift," a guest account holder cannot use public chat channels, thus restricting them from communicating with others.

#5 Ranking restriction: Lastly, they would also have a ranking restriction and won't be able to enter the ranking.

Hence, it is recommended for users to link their social media accounts to PUBG Mobile. All the restrictions will be removed upon doing so. Moreover, it’ll also help them safeguard their process in the game.

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