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'Little 2D game': Dr Disrespect shares his honest opinion on Among Us 

Dr Disrespect recently labelled Among Us a
Dr Disrespect recently labelled Among Us a 'little 2D game'
Modified 07 Nov 2020, 00:02 IST

While the rest of the world continues to marvel at InnerSloth's Among Us, a certain Dr Disrespect does not appear to be too big a fan of the internet's current favourite game.

Herschel Guy Beahm IV aka Dr Disrespect, recently shared his thoughts on Among Us, which is currently sitting comfortably atop the gaming charts.

After lying dormant for almost two years, the indie wonder has turned out to be a surprise hit, with everyone from casual players to prominent streamers playing the game. Big names such as Pokimane, Jacksepticeye, Ninja, Valkyrae and several more have all tried their hand at Among Us, which continues to rake in the numbers and win hearts online.

From it's setting in a spaceship, to themes of deception and guile, Among Us seems to be in the midst of a prolonged purple patch as fans can't seem to get enough of the indie gem.

While the rest of the world maybe a fan, Dr Disrespect recently shared his thoughts on the game, labelling it a 'Little 2D game' which anyone could play.

Dr Disrespect shares his thoughts on Among Us


[Timestamp: 1:14]

During a recent YouTube stream, Dr Disrespect shared his thoughts on Among Us, which in his opinion, was being played by everybody and anybody these days.

He also took a sarcastic jibe at the game's popularity:

"You play Among Us, and just add 200,000 viewers and all of a sudden you're put into the category of Streamer of the year....if you want to become the next big thing, just go play Among Us. "
"That's easy, you don't really have to do anything , you just sit there and play this little 2D game and that's it, you're pretty much put in the category of Streamer of the year, that's the industry. "

He can't seem to resist another jibe, as he takes another shot at Among Us:

"Ladies and Gentlemen remember, if you want to become a new streamer, just go play Among Us, you immediately get a 150,000 people watching, it's just don't need any skill ,no talent, so go do that, it'll jumpstart your streaming career and you will do fine!"

With his recent comments, Dr Disrespect is sure to open a whole new Pandora's box related to the debate of skill vs fun, when it comes to a party-friendly game such as Among Us.

While it's a given that Among Us doesn't really require any skill, like say a Fortnite or a Call of Duty, in terms of a wholesome, fun experience, it seems to be a pretty potent force to reckon with.

Published 07 Nov 2020, 00:01 IST
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