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LOL: Amumu is finally getting some love from Riot in patch 10.4

Modified 13 Feb 2020, 11:07 IST

Amumu buffs will significantly strengthen his jungling and ganking potential
Amumu buffs will significantly strengthen his jungling and ganking potential

Once one of the most dominant jungle picks in solo queue, Amumu is now but a shadow of his former self. The Sad Mummy barely gets any playtime on the rift, so to speak, and players are finding it very hard to see him as a viable choice in the current meta. 

His presence in the professional stage is non-existent, and his popularity in solo queue is dropping even further as the season progresses. 

Right now, in patch 10.3, Amumu is sitting at an underwhelming win rate of 49.29% in Platinum and above. His overall kit is quite outdated, and as he is one of the earliest champions to have been introduced to the League of Legends roster, the kit feels quite clunky and not all that fun to play with.

But in patch 10.4, Riot will be helping him out a bit by boosting some of his abilities, and increasing his jungling and ganking potential. He will now have a much higher dash speed on his Q ‘Bandage Toss’; which will go from 1,350 to 1,800. That will allow him a much easier time of landing it on mobile targets.

Apart from his Q, Amumu is also going to be receiving a lot of buffs to his ultimate. The cooldown of the ability is going to reduce to 150-110 from 130-100, and will now be capable of stopping dashes in their tracks as well.

Amumu mains can now spam the R button all they want, without fearing a potential disengage from the target.

However, these are the only two changes that Riot is currently planning to add to his kit. Though they did think of tweaking his E ‘Tantrum’ a bit by giving it the same properties as Yasuo’s ‘Windwall,’ it seems that they will not be moving forward with that idea.

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Published 13 Feb 2020, 11:07 IST
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