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LOL News: All about Odyssey Game Mode

Kuldeep Thapa
984   //    14 Sep 2018, 23:35 IST

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We just had a month full of Nexus-Blitz action and as we say goodbye to Nexus-Blitz, we are getting a new game mode called Odyssey: Extraction. It's a fast-paced fun game mode which is expected to be here until the Odyssey event.

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To begin with, you can only pick a selected few champions. The champions that are playable are-


* Malphite

* Sona

* Yasuo

* Ziggs

As you repeatedly play the game mode, you will earn Augments for your champion. Augments are special orbs that give more power and unlock special abilities specific to different champions.


You can unlock a total of 15 augments per champion. You have 5 slots per champion so you can try different combinations according to your playstyle.

You only have two summoner spells available in the game, which are-

Warp- Turn briefly untargetable and invulnerable as you dash towards a location. Holds three charges.

Resuscitate- Revive a fallen crewmate by standing next to them for two seconds. Exiting the area does not consume your cooldown.

You have two friendly bots Ora Bot and Portal Bot, which help you march towards victory. Ora bot gives you Ora and lets you buy stuff whereas Portal Bot lets you teleport from one room to another.

You have different Powerups and Collectibles which give temporary or permanent buff in the match.

You have different Enemies like Landsquid, Arcaraptor, and Squidtooth in each room on the map. You defeat all these monsters, and after clearing a room entirely, you can teleport to the next room. As you progress through each room, the difficulty increases.

You can actually face Kayn, who is like the evil boss of the game mode. He has the same abilities as his champion in the normal game mode, but this time his stats are buffed heavily, making him almost impossible to fight. You need to coordinate with your teammates if you want to conquer the map.

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