LoL News: Caps join G2 Esports

Via G2 Esports
Via G2 Esports

Offseason has begun and all the teams are trying to revamp their squad. Here are the major transfer news coming from LEC.

Caps will be joining the G2 revolution as he leaves Fnatic. The player is famously known as ' baby Faker' who had an outstanding 2018 winning the domestic title twice and reached the finals of Worlds 2018.

G2 Esports have moved their previous mid laner Perkz to AD Carry position as they released their bot lane. MikyX has also joined the team from Misfits and will be playing with Perkz in the bot lane. Perkz is one of the best mid laners in the west and it would be super interesting how he performs in bot lane.

Caps and Perkz had a fantastic performance in 2018 and with both the players on the same team it sure looks deadly. G2 Esports will be keeping their top half with Jankos and Wunder as they look to claim back the domestic title.

Fnatic is known for finding young talents and with the departure of Caps Fnatic yet again is looking towards a young talent. Fnatic has signed Nemesis from Mad Lions who will be leading the Fnatic lineup from mid lane. The 19-year-old is mechanically gifted and is known for hard carrying. He is similar to Cap in a way that both the players can carry the team on their backs. Fnatic fans will be hoping that Nemesis can produce the same kind of performance as the previous mid laners of the team did in the past.

SoaZ has also left the Fnatic lineup joining the stacked Misfits team. The rest of the Fnatic lineup will be same from season 8 where they reached the finals of World stage.

Fnatic and G2 Esports will be looking to claim the title and with franchise system coming to Europe it sure will be interesting.

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