LoL News: G2 Esports conquers MSI 2019

Via LOL Esports
Via LOL Esports

Team Liquid faced G2 Esports in the MSI finals on Sunday and even though Team Liquid had an impressive showing in the previous round, they were defeated comfortably by G2 Esports. This was the first time in League of Legends history that a final took place between a North American and a European team (Riot organized tournaments).

Both the team had an incredible run to the finals. Team Liquid defeated current World champions Invictus Gaming while G2 Esports defeated South Korean heavyweights SKT Telecom.

However, final was pretty one-sided with G2 Esports sweeping Team Liquid 3-0. G2 Esports has been an early game team this whole tournament and this is what got them the victory in the final.

Team Liquid had the first blood in all three games. It was pretty clear that G2 Esports was playing towards the early game. Regardless of that, Team Liquid committed multiple unforced errors which gave G2 Esports the lead.

In game 1 CoreJJ had to spend his flash when he was caught out at level 1. G2 quickly capitalized on this by pressurizing bot lane which eventually snowballed into a pretty decisive lead for G2 Esports. This was the narrative of all three games as G2 Esports completely dismantled Team Liquid.

The quirky play style of G2 Esports allowed them to emerge triumphant in this tournament. The ability of their roster to play a vast variety of champions took many teams by surprise. The obvious flex pick was Pyke throughout the series which was also their staple pick against SKT Telecom.

Each of the players on G2 Esports had a dominant display all through the tournament. Caps was awarded the MVP of the final and rightly so. He had an impressive showing in the finals as he showed the world that he is one of the best.

The regular season will commence soon as we move towards summer split.

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