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LOL News: New Arcade event coming to League along with new skins

  • All the details from the upcoming Arcade event
Kuldeep Thapa
Modified 25 Jun 2019, 12:53 IST

Via Riot Games
Via Riot Games

League of Legends fans brace yourself for yet another fantastic event as Riot has revealed that Arcade event will be coming to Summoners Rift soon. We had the the anime-themed Battle Academy event last month and now we are heading towards the Arcade style event.

The event will be called ULTRACOMBO and will run from June 28 to July 29. Similar to past events complete missions to get different rewards. There is an Arcade pass for the event which you can get once the event starts. The pass will include -

  • Arcade Star Icon
  • Four Arcade Orbs
  • 200 Arcade Tokens
  • Additional tokens for every First Win of the Day and most matchmade PvP games

There are new skins dropping with the event which includes a new set of Arcade skins and a new Vice line skins. The Arcade skins include Arcade Caitlyn, Arcade Kai'Sa, Battle Boss Qiyana and Battle Boss Yasuo. The skins are very bright with funky colors. Arcade skins are very popular amongst fans due to their cool animations and design. Each of the skins will cost 1350 RP(NA).

A new skin line Demacia Vice will be making its debut. The theme is very much inspired by Miami fashion in the '80s. Demacia Vice Lucian and Demacia Vice Garen looks very funky and appealing at the same time. Like the Arcade skins, it will cost 1350RP(NA) for each of them.

The main attraction of the event is the Prestige version of Arcade Caitlyn skin. The skin will cost 2000 tokens. You can gain tokens by completing different missions during the event.. You can also purchase Arcade orbs which will drop random skins.

All the Arcade skins will get chromas which can also be bought via tokens. This also includes old Arcade skins such as Arcade Riven and Arcade Sona.

The patch will also feature latest champion Qiyana. She is an AD assasin mainly played in Solo lanes. Make sure to give her a try in the upcoming days.


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Published 25 Jun 2019, 12:53 IST
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