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LoL News: Riot to introduce Premium viewership

Kuldeep Thapa
77   //    25 May 2019, 23:02 IST

Via Riot Games
Via Riot Games

League of Legends is going to introduce Premium viewing option for the upcoming summer split. League of Legends is easily one of the biggest games out in the market and definitely the most viewed esports title. It's total viewership often crosses even the likes of Superbowl or NBA.

Riot is bringing a premium viewing option on how to enhance the viewing experience even more. In the upcoming summer split, viewers will have an option to get premium viewership. This will be implemented in LCS (NA) and LEC (EU) as of now and will expand to different regions in the coming time. There will be only English casters but this will also expand in the upcoming future.

You can watch any player's perspective during the match (out of all 10). In addition to that, you can have up to 4 feeds running simultaneously along with the main feed (screen). You will also be able to track down kills, turrets destruction and other highlight plays by simply moving a marker. There will also be an option to check the stats and all other details. This feature won't be available on mobile devices but is expected to arrive sometime in the future.

The premium version will cost 15$ for LCS and 15€ for LEC. You can purchase it by heading into the official LOL esports website. Keep in mind to use the premium viewership you have to use the official website; Youtube and Twitch won't be able to use this feature.

This is a major step by Riot which indicates its emphasis on enhancing the viewing experience. Blizzard introduced a similar concept with their Overwatch League and moving forward other big titles will definitely turn towards this.

Summer Split will begin with a lot of anticipation. We recently witnessed an all Western final in an international tournament for the first time in League history. There is no doubt that moving forward this year we will see more teams rise up to the challenge.