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LoL News: Team Fight Tactics (TFT) now Available on Live Servers

Kuldeep Thapa
215   //    27 Jun 2019, 19:39 IST

Via Riot Games
Via Riot Games

Team Fight Tactics is been out on PBE for almost a week and now it's out on Live servers. The much anticipated Autobattler has been already attracting a lot of players and is expected to gather more crowd in coming time.

Team Fight Tactics is an autobattler similar to AutoChess from DOTA. You essentially pick the best team possible out of a given selection and then deploy it on the board. Every round you get gold which you can spend to buy more powerful champions or increase the power of your already deployed team. Whenever all the champions in a team dies that person is eliminated. Last person standing on the board is the eventual winner.

The game has become insanely popular at a very short time. It is already in top 2 most watched games on Twitch. Many big streamers are binging on the game right now which includes Disguised Toast, Scarre, and Pokimane. Nevertheless, TFT is already pulling great numbers.

The game is now available on live servers for North American and Europen servers. The queue time is insanely long for most of the people which is due to a large number of players trying to get in a game at the same time. This should resolve in coming days. Players with account on different servers should be getting the update within a day or two.

Along with TFT this patch also includes Qiyana the latest champion. She is an AD assasin mainly desinged for solo lanes. A new Acade event called ULTRACOMBO is also arriving within coming days. imilar to past events complete missions to get different rewards. There is an Arcade pass for the event which you can get once the event starts. The pass will include -

  • Arcade Star Icon
  • Four Arcade Orbs
  • 200 Arcade Tokens
  • Additional tokens for every First Win of the Day and most matchmade PvP games