LoL Update: Qiyana abilities revelaed

  • All the details about the latest champion Qiyana.
Kuldeep Thapa
Modified 08 Jun 2019, 16:17 IST

Via Riot Games
Via Riot Games

Riot recently dropped the trailer for the latest champion Qiyana. The Empress of elements will be a solo lane AD assassin. Riot has now officially unveiled all her abilities which are as follows-


Her first basic attack or ability against an enemy will deal bonus magic damage. It's a straight forward passive which will reset when she changes the element.

Q- Qiyana will throw her weapon in targeted direction dealing damage to enemies. This ability has different interactions based on the element she is using.

River - Roots opponents on hit.

Wall - Deals bonus damage to units with low health.

Brush - Leaves a stealth trail that gives movement speed.

W- Targeting any element will grant Qiyana that element. She dashes forward while casting the ability. It also grants her bonus movement speed, bonus damage and attack speed. You can constantly refresh your elements which will also help Qiyana to proc her passive.

E- Qiyana dashes towards an enemy dealing damage. Keep in mind that the distance for her dash is fixed so once cast, it follows the exact same distance.

R- Qiyana throws a shockwave dealing damage to all enemies hit by it and pushes them backwards. If the shockwave goes through any bush, river or any wall, it explodes dealing bonus damage and briefly stunning the enemies.


Qiyana skill cap definitely seems high. She seems like a high-risk high reward champion. It is important to manage her elements properly to get the maximum bonus damage out of her kit.

Now that Qiyana abilities have been revealed expect this to hit PBE servers pretty soon. It has not been even month since Yuumi was released so it would be interesting to see when Qiyana hits the live servers. In the meantime, reworked Mordekaiser should be available with next patch update.

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Published 08 Jun 2019, 16:17 IST
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