M249 vs Groza: Which is the better gun in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile: M249 Vs Groza
PUBG Mobile: M249 Vs Groza
Anuj Gupta

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale games on the planet, and offers players a variety of components. Like most battle royale genres, each match in PUBG Mobile is a fight for survival till the end. The game also offers a variety of weapons, some of which spawn on the map while the rare ones fall via air drops.

Air drops contain rare weapons like AWM, M249 and Groza. A majority of players consider these guns better than the spawn weapons, as they have fewer limitations. Hence, this article focuses on comparing M249 and Groza, to see which one takes the upper hand in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile: M249 vs Groza


M249 (Image via pubg gamepedia)
M249 (Image via pubg gamepedia)

Ammo: 5.56mm; Damage: 45; Rate of fire: 0.075s; Reload duration: 8.20s.

The M249 is a Light Machine Gun (LMG) which uses the 5.56mm ammo type. It has a respectable hit damage of 45 and bullet speed of 915 m/s. Although the M249 has low recoil, it is difficult to control because of its extremely high fire rate.

Therefore, it is advisable to use M249 from a crouched position to reduce recoil and increase control over bullets. The gun can prevent enemies from escaping an area and is also great for covering teammates. The 100-round magazine is also useful for piercing through vehicles.

Inspite of having so many positives, the M249 is not spotless. The major con to this weapon is the extremely-long reload time, which is the most of all weapons in PUBG Mobile. The LMG also uses bullets quickly, because of which players need to carry extra ammo, which hoggs space in their backpack.


Groza gun (image via pubg gamepedia)
Groza gun (image via pubg gamepedia)

Ammo: 7.62mm; Damage: 47; Rate of fire: 0.080s; Reload duration: 3.00s.

The Groza is an Assault Rifle (AR) which uses the 7.62mm ammo type. It has a high hit damage of 47 and bullet speed of 715 m/s. Groza has similar damage to an AKM, but higher fire rate, which makes it a deadly AR. The gun is great for close-quarter combat, and shines with attachments like the Extended QuickDraw Mag, Suppressor and a desired scope.

Although the Groza is a fantastic weapon, it has some shortcomings too. It is not the best in terms of recoil, and is difficult to control, especially over medium distances. The gun also has a longer reload time than most other assault rifles in PUBG Mobile.


M249 is a very situational weapon, and shines when needed in unique moments. However, Groza is an all-round weapon, like other assault rifles. Players can use it at any point in PUBG Mobile, thus adapting to unorthodox situations. Hence, this rare AR is the clear winner here.

Edited by Ravi Iyer

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