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Major announcement of new platform for No Man's Sky

Gautam Nath
100   //    26 Mar 2019, 18:35 IST

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Hello Games' No Man Sky will be receiving VR compatibility with the PlayStation VR as well as Windows compatible VR. The announcement came in Sony's first public event known as State of Play. State of Play was inspired by Nintendo's announcement service Nintendo Direct and Sony wanted a better way to relay communications to its users.

Released in August 2016, No Man's Sky was all the hype. It featured a huge segment in E3 2015 and much hype from users all over. Upon release though, there was a lot of disappointment among fans. No Man's Sky still featured the quintillion planets but it was heavily lacking on features and online multiplayer was not released. The lack of communication from Hello Games further upset players.

No Man's Sky still had a cult following and die-hard fans who kept up with the game. The game has received significant updates and improvements since then, so the game is still a great play.

The online feature is now available, though it is only for tracking where your friends are in the vast universe. Due to this, a PS Plus subscription is not needed. It was later updated in the "No Man's Sky Next" update to feature multiplayer exploration and customization with up to 4 players.

A few weeks ago, Hello Games announced a major update called "No Man's Sky Beyond" which will include three major components. The first component will be a major update and revamp to the multiplayer function. The second is the VR Support which was announced in State of Play.

We don't know what the third component is yet though. The update will be releasing sometime in Summer 2019. No Man's Sky is the perfect game for a VR experience, because who wouldn't want a convenient way to explore the vast, mysterious universe?

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