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Mass Effect: Reborn to be remastered

Mass Effect: Reborn to be remastered

News 25 Mar 2015, 19:50 IST
Mass Effect:Reborn to be Remastered
Mass Effect Reborn

Mass Effect: Reborn is better known as the mod for Homeworld 2 which finds its space under the Classic edition of the Homeworld Remastered. Already released this version allows players to battle it out in a space war pretending to be a part of the Alliance, Cerberus, Geth or Reapers. 

However, if the content of this classic attention doesn’t quench your thirst for upgraded graphics then worry not as the team behind the mod has announced a remaster of their own. 

The developers intend on bringing the Mass Effect: Reborn graphics up to the standards witnessed in the Gearbox's excellent upgrade.  The team has expressed their own views regarding the remaster (courtesy PCGamer).

"We've been working hard thus far and the next release of Mass Effect: Reborn for Homeworld: Remastered is going to be radically different, much more immersive and more than beautiful," promises the mod team. "We really want to give to our community and new players the best Mass Effect experience we can, and we hope we will have your support.”

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