Meet Robcdee, a Twitch streamer who has witnessed some of the internet's wildest moments

Robcdee walking on the streets of Tokyo.
Robcdee walking on the streets of Tokyo.
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Modified 24 Aug 2020

Robcdee is an English-born Twitch streamer who was raised in Australia. He currently resides in Tokyo, Japan, and is extremely popular for his IRL Twitch streams. Most of his streams involve walking through the streets of Tokyo, where he documents its bustling night-life and interacts with locals.

The streamer has 52.6k followers on Twitch currently, and offers a stunning glimpse into life in a Japanese city. In the past, Robcdee has experienced some of the whackiest and hilarious incidents that we have seen on a live stream.

Image Credits: Rob Dee,
Image Credits: Rob Dee,

Robcdee: The Twitch streamer's wildest moments

Despite his popularity on Twitch, the IRL streamer has not garnered the same kind of attention on other social media platforms that he uses. On YouTube, Robcdee has around 2k subscribers, while his Instagram account has a further 2.5k. The streamer offers a refreshing change of direction with respect to some of the other content that you can find on Twitch.

In the past, he has experienced some surreal incidents involving the people he met on the streets. Once, he met a fellow Australian who was caught in a rather awkward conversation with a woman. However, the streamer interfered, which resulted in the woman quickly fleeing the scene. You can watch the incident below.

In the other incident that we wish to talk about, the streamer literally found a person going to the toilet in the middle of the street!

Image Credits: Robcdee,
Image Credits: Robcdee,

He was walking nonchalantly through a crowded area when he spotted what looked like a religious man praying to his god, not caring about his surroundings. The streamer walked up to the man, but was horrified to see what he was actually doing instead. What makes the incident even more hilarious is his reaction.

The streamer's words are apparent in the background: "So pious, he is praying. Oh my god". You can watch the clip in the video below.

A few days ago, Robcdee stumbled onto free WiFi, which was arguably better and quicker than some of the paid internet connections most of the other countries have currently.

In the video at the end of this article, Robcdee can be seen standing beside a Telephone booth, which claims that there is free WiFi available in the area. When he tries to check the speed on his iPhone, he is surprised to find that the network connects within seven milliseconds, which is impressive by itself.

Image Credits: Robcdee,
Image Credits: Robcdee,

However, he is genuinely shocked by the speed. It stays around the 150 MBps mark for quite a few seconds, before taking a drop and settling down at a handsome 94 MBps. He mutters that "this is some serious free WiFi," before moving on.

Published 24 Aug 2020
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