Melee attack in COD Mobile: All you need to know

Melee attack in COD Mobile: All you need to know
Melee attack in COD Mobile: All you need to know

COD Mobile consists of a wide array of firearms that the players can utilize in various game modes. Call of Duty Mobile offers its players an option to set their loadout and customize it according to their needs. The loadout consists of two slots of weapons: Primary and secondary.

In the secondary weapon slot, the melee weapons or knife can be equipped by the players. Here is all you need to know about the usage of the melee weapons to cast melee attacks on the foes.

What are melee attacks in COD Mobile?

Melee attacks are the kills obtained by the players via the use of knives (melee weapon). These kills are often used to show the dominance of the players over their enemies. The players also resort to using the melee weapons when they run out of ammo in a close-range fight.

The Season Event โ€“ Super Soldier

The Season Event – Super Soldier in COD Mobile
The Season Event โ€“ Super Soldier in COD Mobile

COD Mobile releases weekly new events that reward the players with various items. In one of the recent Super Soldier events, COD Mobile players are required to kill 20 opponents via melee attack. This will provide the players with a 'neigh slayer' calling card and 3000 Battle Pass XP. A calling card is what the enemies see under your name tag after you kill them.

Phe players can do 20 melee attacks in any of the modes to obtain this reward in the game.

How to equip the melee weapon

To equip the melee weapon, the players can follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on the loadout option on the main screen of the game.

Step 2: Select the secondary weapon slot (slot below the primary weapon).

Step 3: Equip the knife (melee weapon)

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