Misfits Podcast: Pokimane opens up on her experience with roofies and frat houses

Image Credits: Misfits Podcast,
Image Credits: Misfits Podcast,
Rishabh B.

Imane "Pokimane" Anys was born in Morocco, spent most of her life in Canada, and has over the past few years emerged as one of the leading female streamers in the world. Of late, she has been getting into quite a few controversies. Her fans are often called "simps", which is a slang term used for men who are overtly affectionate towards women.

On the other hand, there have been times when she has invited criticism from popular content creators such as Keemstar. Most notably, back in May, Pokimane appeared to encourage her fans to leave negative feedback on a smaller YouTuber's content. The content creator in question, 'ItsAGundam', had posted a video mocking her fans, something she wasn't particularly pleased with.

Image Credits: Misfits Podcast,
Image Credits: Misfits Podcast,

Regardless of the controversies, her fan base remains as strong and devoted as ever. A few days back, we talked about a recent Misfits Podcast clip where Pokimane appeared to defend the "simp" culture. She said that calling people that term can be obnoxious, and even sarcastically confessed her love for simps, and the process of 'simping'.

However, this wasn't her first appearance. Back in October 2019, Pokimane used the podcast to talk about some of her scarier life experiences.


Pokimane talks about the time she had to save her 'friend'

In the video, Pokimane talked about what was virtually her first club experience. She had gone with a friend who she called 'Melissa', and both of them ended up meeting guys. As it turned out, the two boys were friends and flatmates. After a while, the Fortnite star noticed that her friend was gone.

As it turned out, Melissa had gone back with one of the boys to their home, and the other guy offered to take Pokimane there as well. She agreed, if only to see her friend and make sure that she was okay. She then explained that the house was exactly like the frat houses you see in movies, with guys passed out and dirty furniture.

Image Credits: Misfits Podcast,
Image Credits: Misfits Podcast,

She finally managed to track her friend down in a room with the other guy, who seemed reluctant to let the two meet. When she was finally able to look at her friend, Pokimane was convinced that something was seriously wrong. She further explained that her friend is not the type of girl who can easily say 'no' to guys.

Regardless, the 24-year-old made up an excuse, and the two girlfriends got out of the house, unscathed. Of course, the incident that she described was indeed scary, and we are glad that she showed the presence of mind to get herself and her friend out, without any mishap. You can watch the clip below.


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