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Monster Hunter World's upcoming expansion The Iceborne will have a surprising crossover

Mohit Pradhan
38   //    23 Aug 2019, 00:34 IST

Both of the game's DLC will have a crossover
Both of the game's DLC will have a crossover

Ahead of the release of one of the most awaited expansions of the the year, Monster Hunter World's The Iceborne, developers of the game announced that they will have an another crossover - this time with PS4's exclusive hit Horizon Zero Dawn.

Capcom posted this announcement on the official Twitter account of the game, along with the brand new trailer showing the lead character of the game Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy.

This crossover is, as one would expect, exclusive to the PS4.

As we all know, Aloy had already been added as a playable character to MHW in 2018. Players could already acquire some special HZD items through in-game quests, including armor and weapons for your partner NPC, and an armor set which lets you transform into Aloy herself.

The new trailer does not seem to show you, how you actually acquire the the Frozen Wilds items. We may have to wait until the expansion officially releases to find out how toget that sweet, badass Frozen Aloy armor.

This crossover is an epic match, as both of the expansions will explore some beautiful icy landscapes. The Iceborne is very similar to the Horizon Zero Dawn's The Frozen wilds, a very extensive expansion of the game that shows the harsh cold terrain of part of Aloy's dystopian world. The expansion had an some of the best fights in terms of boss-battles and raiding huge camps, not to mention the fantastic mechanical animals that dotted the icy landscape.

The trailer was also shown at Gamescom 2019 and created a lot of hype, considering how immersing both of titles are. The trailer also showed off some new monsters, such as the giant Icy Dragon and the return of the monster Brachydios.

Grab your copy of The Iceborne expansion on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 6 Sept (But remember, the HZD crossover is exclusive to PS4).

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