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Mouthwatering tracks teased in new Project CARS trailer

Mouthwatering tracks teased in new Project CARS trailer

News 24 Mar 2015, 20:38 IST
Project CARS

Project cars will feature 30 tracks from around the world. The tracks have been adopted from all over the world and pack their own set of surprises. The main feature would be that the dynamic day and weather system which will push driver to be adaptable as it could change in a sharp turn. All real-world simulations including a sudden downpour, clouds parting to reveal a blinding sun have been incorporated into the game in order to improve the gaming experience.

Slightly Mad Studios has paid a lot of attention to details. For example if you pick your date of birth as the date to race in and the weather conditions would be exactly what it was actually like X number of years when you were born! Project Cars will support 12k resolution (3screens running 4k) as well as VR. This is a big surprise considering the fact that the game was crowdfunded and not funded by a big studio.

There will be many trailers showing off varies aspects of Project CARS that is to be released in the month of May. The game was to be released in October 2014 but, was delayed. If you ask me I do not mind a delay as I’d rather see a game that has been delayed but finsihed than something broken, unlike another particular racer.

Creative director Andy Tudor took time out of his busy schedule in order to explain the delays to IBTimes Uk: “The game here is the full game… the game’s finished, but there are tiny little things that are still to be done, which we’ve seen other games shipping with. They get pulled up in reviews and they make the team sad and let people down who have bought it and think it’s a finished product, but actually there are things wrong with it.

“Project Cars is our own game, it’s not someone else’s IP, and we’ve been working on it for like three years now, so the team want something that goes on the shelf that they’re really proud of, the gamers that have been playing it for a whole time now, and who are waiting for it, they deserve a game that is really good.”

Are you as eager as I am about Project Cars even after all these delays? Have these jaw-dropping trailers got you excited again? Let us know.

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