MrBeast learns how to play chess, gets challenged by Magnus Carlsen to a $100k game

Magnus Carlsen and MrBeast
Magnus Carlsen and MrBeast
Rishabh B.

Earlier today ie. 29th November 2020, MrBeast announced on Twitter that he has learned how to play chess and even invited fellow content creators to play with him.

MrBeast announced that he only learned how to play chess a few days ago but was already addicted. Almost immediately, numerous content creators replied to his post and appeared willing to participate in the chess challenge.

This includes YouTubers Callux and Landon and American chess player Hikaru Nakamura that TSM signed back in August.

What’s more, MrBeast also ended up being challenged to a $100,000 game of chess by none other than Norwegian chess grandmaster and current World Chess Champion, Magnus Carlsen.


MrBeast is “addicted” to chess, gets challenged to a game by Magnus Carlsen

As can be seen in the post below, MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, announced that in the past few days he's starting playing chess. Shortly after this post went live, multiple content creators had already replied to the post taking MrBeast on.

This includes Fortnite and Roblox YouTuber Landon, who posted a clip of him playing chess on his phone during a New Year’s party.

Moreover, as already mentioned, the official TSM account ended up tagging Hikaru Nakamura on MrBeast’s post. Hikaru Nakamura is a 5-time United States Chess Champion who recently signed with TSM. Hikaru Nakamura is the youngest American grandmaster and currently has 617k followers on Twitch. MrBeast even confessed that he watches all of his videos!

Additionally, YouTuber Brianna, Callux, and even Dutch grandmaster Anish Giri also took up MrBeast’s challenge, and have all replied to the post already.

Finally, Australian YouTuber LazarBeam also got into the act recently and took the challenge on. LazarBeam said that he has watched the Netflix series 'The Queen’s Gambit', and is therefore ready for the challenge.

However, the most notable chess grandmaster/personality who has already replied to MrBeast’s post is none other than record-breaking Norwegian grandmaster Magnus Carlsen. Currently, Magnus Carlsen is the World Number #1, and is also the World Chess Champion.

Needless to say, he is grossly overqualified for MrBeast to take on. However, Magnus Carlsen has already challenged him to a $100,000 fight. Knowing MrBeast, he might as well take the challenge on.

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