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Muslim players angered by Jungle mode, PUBG Mobile promptly removes 

Jungle Adventure Mode. Image: Universal News.
Jungle Adventure Mode. Image: Universal News.
Modified 06 Jun 2020

Sadly for many PUBG Mobile players, the new Jungle Adventure mode, also known as the ‘Mysterious Jungle’ was taken down by Tencent. The Jungle Adventure mode, which the players could access while playing in Sanhok, was only available for five days. The reason for this was the outrage expressed by many Muslim players around the world.

Players prayed to the totem to restore their health. Image: Tech News.
Players prayed to the totem to restore their health. Image: Tech News.

The new Jungle Adventure mode had become a quick favourite of many PUBG Mobile players as it gave them something exciting and innovative.

The players could eat mysterious fruits and could ride hot air balloons in this mode, which took place in Sanhok.

Many players even loved the tribal soundtrack which played softly in the background. Players kept their fingers crossed while opting to play in Sanhok, as they were randomly selected to play in this mode.

Removal of Jungle Adventure mode in PUBG Mobile

The main cause of this outrage was due to a feature present in the game where the players could go and pray in front of a totem in order to restore their health. They could also repair their vests and helmets and receive different items. Many Muslim players took this as an insult to their religion as idol worship is a sin in Islam.

Recently the hashtag ‘Ihdhifou Lo’bat PUBG’ which translates to ‘Uninstall PUBG’ has been trending in Arabic. Muslim players around the world have voiced their opinion over Twitter as to why this mode is hurting their sentiments.

This is also prompting some of them to abstain from playing PUBG Mobile.


 Many Muslims went on to say that PUBG Mobile is unsuitable for children as it promotes the worship of other deities, which is against the basic tenet of monotheism in Islam.

Tencent's response

Tencent told Gulf News, “We are deeply sorry that some features in the game have offended some of our players. We respect the values, traditions, and practices of our players and regret the hurt and anguish that we’ve caused. We have removed the distressing gesture and are removing the relevant visuals.”

Published 06 Jun 2020, 15:47 IST
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