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NA LCS League of Legends franchises are set for Spring 2018

Meet the teams of the 2018 NA LCS.

Preview 21 Nov 2017, 22:19 IST

ENorth America League Championship Series
North America League Championship Series

The North America League Championship Series 2018 Spring Split teams are ready to go, with the season set to begin in January. The teams are as follows:

Cloud 9

This team have been in the LoL scene for a number of years. Joining five other clubs that were accepted and participated in the Summer 2017 Split before the announcement of the franchise system, C9 would try to add to an already stacked roster and find a replacement for Impact in the top lane.

Counter Logic Gaming

One of the original teams from the beginning of League play, CLG bring back a slew of talent with top-laner Darshan, mid-laner Huhi and ADC Stixxay. Only starting support Aphromoo did not re-sign with the team, looking for options outside of CLG. After being one game shy of qualifying for the Worlds, this team would be focusing on trying to return to glory.

Echo Fox

Rick Fox's squad, with the support of the New York Yankees, have retained their lineup from the Summer 2017 Split. Led by LPL (China) veteran, Looper, this team will look to make a big push towards the postseason and into the Mid Season Invitational.

Team Liquid

One of the originals, not only in League of Legends, but in eSports as a whole, Team Liquid will try to recover from their past performances which nearly got them relegated. Head Coach Cain has made the team stronger, bringing back GoldenGlue from his hiatus and one of the best ADCs in the game in Doublelift.

Team SoloMid

What can I say about the three-time defending champions that have appeared in EVERY NA LCS Finals ever contested? That's right, releasing Parth after failing to get out of the Group Stage, again, they sent him out the door and brought in one of the all-time Korean greats in Ssong.

There wouldn't be an NA LCS Final without the crowd filling the air with chants of "TSM! TSM! TSM!". The team returns their roster from last year with ADC WildTurtle returning to his former team supported by Biofrost. Bjergsen will continue in his leadership role as the longest tenured member on the team, since 2013.


The Milwaukee Bucks have continued their investment into eSports with the FlyQuest brand. This team have a good chance of advancing into the postseason. All they need to do is find good replacements for the departing WildTurtle and LemonNation.

Optic Gaming

The only new team with an eSports background, Optic Gaming are best known for their CS:GO and Call of Duty rosters, before foraying into League of Legends. Since their roster hasn't been announced, they would have the time before the beginning of the season to build and compete with the best, starting with the NA LCS Scouting Grounds (LoL's version of the NFL scouting combine) this coming weekend.

Golden Guardians

One of the brand new franchises for the NA LCS, owned by one of the owners, Joe Lacob (the other owners have stakes in Team Liquid and Cloud 9, respectively), Golden Guardians would need to bring their all their knowledge to be able to replicate their success in the NBA and spill it out on the Rift.

Clutch City Gaming

Another new franchise in eSports, this time owned by Houston Rockets, Clutch City Gaming would need to use their analytics to find great players to compete with the best in North America.

100 Thieves

A new venture into eSports, led by the Cleveland Cavaliers, 100 Thieves hired CS:GO legend Nadeshot to head up their new eSports division and bring forward a dominating franchise. The Cavs will continue their rivalry with the Warriors; this time though it would be on Summoners' Rift as the Golden Guardians and 100 Thieves, respectively.

The 2018 Spring NA LCS season is slated to be a good one. With the return of the Double Round Robin, Best of One format, the fans will get on their feet to cheer for their favourite teams. Which team will stand tall and represent North America in the next Mid Season Invitational? Start watching in January to find out.

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