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New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Battle Royal mode leaked

Call of Duty Mobile
Call of Duty Mobile
Debarshi Das
Modified 15 Apr 2020

Call of Duty Modern Warfare, the fan-favourite first-person shooter developed by Infinity Ward Studios and published by Activision is the 16th instalment of the world-renowned Call of Duty franchise. It serves also as a reboot of the much-loved and anticipated, Modern Warfare sub-series of Call of Duty.

First released on October 25, 2019, on Xbox, Playstation 4 and PC, it raised massive hype among the forever-waiting masses and was welcomed with staggering numbers in sales. For a good length of time, it held the top spot of the market. It generated more than $600 Million in sales just in the first three days after being released and has since sold over 6 million copies.

About the leak

Recently, the newest addition to the base game, a much expected battle-royale mode to CoD: MW was leaked. It has been codenamed 'Warzone'. It is being considered, video-game industry's worst-kept secret ever. Its leaks started with a leaked in-game audio file, followed by a screenshot, and lately has progressed into a full-blown gameplay video of Captain Price, one of the most loved video game characters, instructing the player in the 'Firing Range' mode of the game about the features of Warzone, just like any other battle-royale tutorial.

The audio of Cpt. Price's Voice was leaked by a Twitter account which went by the handle of @TheGamingRevolutionYT. The account has been suspended as of now. The man loved by all, Cpt. Price can be heard saying

"Plunder can be used at the Supply station to purchase killstreaks and other special items. Go get to the Supply Station."

It was only a few seconds long but did hint a probable new mode or feature that could be added to the game.

Next came the screenshot from again, @TheGamingRevolutionYT which cleared all doubts about this new 'Supply Station' which was mentioned by Cpt.Price in the previously released audio clip.

Credit- @GamingRevolutionYT
Credit- @GamingRevolutionYT

So far, it has been proposed that players in the warzone will be able to scavenge about for 'Plunder' which is potentially a form of in-game currency exclusive to Warzone mode. The plunder that they loot can be exchanged for a variety of items at the 'supply station' which will aid in their struggle towards victory.


In the screenshot, we can see the highlighted item is a gas mask which provides circle defence. It may indicate immunity to Hp-consuming gas outside the ever-shrinking safe zone or play area.

A list of other items and killstreaks are seen to which include staple features of CoD such as UAV, Shield Turret. However, something that catches all attention is the 'Squad Buyback' option which is listed at $4,500. This hints that people will be able to respawn upon death just like legends can be respawned by teammates after collecting their banner and using a respawn beacon. It is debated that the price of this item will be variable and increase as the match progresses into the endgame.

This was not confirmed but after we caught hold of this video from an unknown persona all doubts were cleared and the audio clip, the screenshot, it all became relatable and all the dots were connected. Now, everyone can foresee what is coming in the near future and the franchise has received mixed responses. This series of leaks is being considered more of a hype-killer than a kick starter.


In this video, we can see the player being guided through the gameplay mechanics of battle-royal and we can hear Cpt. Price's voice with full clarity. The player procceeds to loot the map as instructed by the mustachioed captain in game.

Few players of the Call of Duty community confirm glitching from the Main Menu of the game into the 'Firing Range' and somehow unknowingly triggering the hidden tutorial of Warzone and thus the resultant video.

However, there is no official response to the leaks from the Call of Duty developer team. But, the sudden ban on @TheGamingRevolutionYT Twitter handle raises suspicion on the probablility of the leaks being a wildly elaborate hoax.

Its authenticity is yet to be fully confirmed but for the time being we can say CoD: MW will soon be introduced with a battle-royale mode. It is yet to be known when we will get a date on Infinity Ward dropping the update carrying the battle-royale update.

Warzone also features the once and ever infamous loot boxes called supply crates, a tiered armour and weaponry system (much like any standard battle royale) and as mentioned previously, in-game currency called plunder.

Published 14 Feb 2020, 21:05 IST
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