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New Filipino character revealed for Tekken 7

The newest female character for Tekken 7 has finally been revealed.

News 31 Mar 2015, 05:55 IST
Josie Rizal is the newest female character to join the Tekken roster

The newest female character for Tekken 7 has finally been revealed. The latest addition to the Tekken roster is a Filipino fighter named Josie Rizal. But don’t let her small built fool you, Josie is actually a Muay Thai expert. Josie was one of the characters featured in the character data leaks which happened last week. The character was officially revealed during a recent stream over the weekend. Josie is probably the first character from the Philippines.

The Tekken series now boasts of diverse characters from various countries, such as Italy, Japan, China, and Saudi Arabia. Bandai Namco have not announced when this character will be added to the game, though they did note that she will be playable “soon”.

The studio has also revealed a few gameplay videos for both Jin Kazama and his Devil Jin form. Jin and Devil Jin do not look any different than their previous avatars in Tekken 6.

Besides the Red hood, Jin is almost identical to his Tekken 6 form. The console version of the game will also be getting a story mode, the details of which have not been revealed yet.

Jin will be a secret boss in Tekken 7. Gamers will not be able to play the character until March 31st. Devil Jin will be out by April 7th. But in the meantime, you can check out the new videos below:

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