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New project announced by Darksiders creator

Darksiders Creator Joe Madureira has posted some artwork on Twitter along withside former Vigil co-founder Ryan Stefanelli.

News 27 Feb 2015, 17:29 IST
Battle Chasers

Darksiders Creator Joe Madureira has posted some artwork on Twitter along withside former Vigil co-founder Ryan Stefanelli. They have announced their next venture, Battle Chasers. Joe Madureira fans will know about the IP as it was a comin till the late 90s.

Darksiders creator revealed a bit about the upcoming game to Polygon. However, he did not go into details. According to Madureira, the game is going to be an adventure RPG where players will be able to control three characters, Calibretto, Garrison and Gully. The game will be rebooted along side the game which will be created by Madureira’s Airship Syndicate studio.  Stefanelli shed some light on the game as he explained how the game will be different from Darksiders.

“Even though the game mechanically is going to be very different from Darksiders, I think we’re still really going to be doing everything we can to make sure that the dungeon exploration side of the game is soaked with lots of fun adventurous elements.”

The comic will get an overhaul as Madureira’s style has evolved over the years. The game is yet to find a publisher and is looking to hold three-issue arcs. The first one will take off where the series series released in 2001 left off.

Airship Syndicate studio is currently looking for funding and is planning to release the game for PC and consoles. They may be considering a tablet version of the game too.

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