New trailer of World of Warships shows in-engine footage

New Trailer of World of Warships shows off in-engine footage
The beta for the game has begun.

Starting their journey from the popular World of Tanks followed by World of Warplanes, Wargaming has come a long way and is all set to release the third world named World of Warships . We can expect it to to the last game in the series unless they've got a World of Wartrains in production. World of Warships is currently docked for closed beta which is recommended if you have second thoughts about purchasing the game.

In preparation for the weekend's test, Wargaming has released a new trailer featuring in-engine footage of the game. It's not as bombastic as their CGI shorts, but it should give a more realistic sense of how the finished product will look.For now we can say that the game looks very promising , you can view this trailer right here.You can also register yourself for the beta courtsey PC Gamer.

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